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Comment Competition (Score 1) 474

Competition (academic and free market) makes big jumps unlikely.

Most of the improvements that any one company is trying to do to get 2X or more performance has already been done, by the time they get to market, by other companies trying to beat them to market. Only a percentage of things they manage to do differently (perhaps things that other companies didn't think were worth doing) differentiate the performance of any one company's product.

Comment Re:makes no sense (Score 1) 176

I mean, why should you be protected if you're a criminal? What's the reasoning. Stop committing crimes.

The laws currently on the books are past the size and complexity level for any human to be able to determine whether they've broken any laws while just going about their normal daily lives. Even just the FDA regulations alone causes pharmaceutical companies to hire teams of regulatory specialists and lawyers to keep up with the required paperwork for their products to be legal.

Comment Re:That's just too damn bad. (Score 1) 767

We are all paying the taxes necessary for you to have a road to your home. So get over it.

Not necessarily. Several neighborhoods in several cities around my region have petitioned and gotten the city to actually complete block-off a smaller neighborhood street, or turn the street into one-way against the normal commute flow direction. "traffic-perverters". Make everyone have to go around a public-tax-paid-for blockage of a previous public-paid-for passageway.

Comment Re:Was this guy really a terrorist? (Score 1) 435

There is no such thing as a terrorist, as a legal distinction. ... We call them mobsters.

The significant difference is that mobsters often try to hide the body (concrete overshoes, etc.) to lower the chances of getting caught. They might want a rival mob to know, but not the general public. And they usually don't blow themselves up trying. Terrorists usually want the body (before/after the beheading, to be seen by millions on network news and youtube for some anticipated psychological effect on the general public.

There are those who just want the loot, and don't care about the effect on the general public (and its economic and political repercussions), and those who do.

Comment Re:Thanks Apple (Score 1) 400

The number of thousands that die per annum due to motor vehicle accidents and domestic violence is a tiny fraction of the population that no one expects to double next year. Thus these risks to you are not systemic. You confuse these highly predictable risks with systemic risks that cannot be so easily bounded. The Chernobal dead zone is larger than many countries, and similar events do not have good consistent per-annum statistics.

Comment Re:Thanks Apple (Score 2) 400

I have a better chance of winning the lottery than dieing at the hands of a terrorist. Why would I want to lose my privacy over those odds.

One of those odds is an individual risk. The other is a systemic risk that can also end up in the death of many of your family, friends, coworkers and bystanders. So relating the two odds sounds statistically intelligent, but is really a form of systemic risk blindness.

Comment Re:Or put another way... (Score 1) 398

U.S. websites will lose US$21.8 billion in ad revenue this year due to ad blockers

Advertisers saved US$21.8 billion by not advertising to unreceptive customers

It's likely that some percentage of these customers are receptive, whether they think they are or not, or there wouldn't be any payback for the advertising cost that shows up in analytic or A/B market test data.

Comment Re:Been saying this for YEARS now... apk (Score 1) 440

Woz's design of the Apple II was nothing like what was described in the MOS Technology 6502 app notes or the KIM-1 SBC. The Apple II was based on a unified memory sub-system capable of time-division-multiplexed color video refresh and 6502 R/W. It also had decoded slots and an Integer BASIC interpreter. All Woz's unique design, and very different from most typical computer logic designs of that era.

Comment risk versus risk (Score 2) 105

Of course there are serious risks to engineering... to be traded off against the huge risks of the planetary science experiment ongoing since the dawn of agriculture and the industrial revolution, the risks of modifying that science experiment and waiting to see what happens, or of potentially fighting over the enforcement of planetary carbon, water, pollution, and etc. rights inferred by those modifications.

Comment vegetarian dictatorship (Score 1) 336

Next, they figure out a way for all the cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys to sue over their confinement and death sentences before being sent to your local grocer.

After that all the indoor cat people will be forced to let fluffy out in the street to get run over, or killed by raccoons.

In the end the ants, termites and cockroaches will re-take the planet for themselves. Death to all human slavers.

Comment Re:Please not PDF. A picture's not good either. (Score 1) 263

Restaurant sites are what usability pros show onscreen when they want to get a belly laugh from the audience.

The reason is that restaurants are focused on looks before usability. This leads them to use pictures of text, PDFs, and the hated Flash.

Those technologies range from poor to complete fail when it comes to searchability, mobile adaptability, accessibility, and ability to select and copy/paste text.

So instead the site designer creates a solution supposedly more far more "usable", and rides off into the sunset with a new slide for her presentation. But since no one actually working at the restaurant day-to-day is computer savy or has any time for keyboarding stuff while cooking or waiting on tables, the menu gets way out of date (until some waiter's kid who knows how to use the computer comes by), and the highly usable accessible searchable search result returns a bogus menu from last month.

With a camera feed, the cooks hurriedly wipes 3-eyed fish off the board with his sleeve after throwing the last one on the grill, and no blind person walks over to order one. She calls first.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Orion zooms around planet, drops into the Pacific; recovery underway - Los Angel (

Los Angeles Times

Orion zooms around planet, drops into the Pacific; recovery underway
Los Angeles Times
The Orion spacecraft launched Friday morning from Cape Canaveral in Florida and finished its first test flight by falling gently into the Pacific Ocean, supported by a trio of parachutes. lRelated Orion capsule makes a 'bull's-eye' splashdown in Pacific.
Science|First Flight Test Is Successful for NASA's Orion SpacecraftNew York Times
Orion will reach San Diego SundayU-T San Diego
The Wire: Orion aces test; Carter for defense secretary; gang rape story in doubt ... San Jose Mercury News
13WHAM-TV-MYfoxLUBBOCK.COM-Christian Science Monitor
all 2,000 news articles

Submission + - Angela Merkel calls for end to net neutrality 1

Presto Vivace writes: Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing reports:

The German Chancellor — whose party is closely aligned with the telcoms sector — says she wants a two-tier Internet; on the "fast" Internet, carriers will be allowed to slow down access to services that haven't paid bribes for "premium" carriage; on the "regular" Internet, ISPs will just give you the data you ask for.

Submission + - Intel Invests Billions in Mobile Ambitions (

itwbennett writes: The allure of mobile devices has led Intel to take some uncharacteristic moves, partnering with Chinese companies to build some smartphone and tablet chips, and relying on third parties to manufacture those chips. Intel is betting the partnerships will accelerate its business in China, where smartphone shipments are booming. But the company wants to regain complete control over manufacturing, and on Thursday said it was investing $1.6 billion over 15 years in a China plant for mobile chip development and manufacturing.

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