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Comment Also available for roof tiles (Score 1) 88

I'm doing a complete makeover of our new house and was shopping around for new roof tiles.
I was pretty surprised to see that there are roof tiles available which do exactly this NOx conversion ( And I asked myself, who exactly would be the target market? I can't imagine the average home owner paying a premium for this.

Comment Re:Social frameworks better than bullshit placebo (Score 1) 507


You'd be surprised. My health insurance (in Gemany) pays for all homeopathic treatments up to the age of 12, and only for specific treatments after that. The caveat is that the treatment is only paid when prescribed by a certified physician which has had additional training in homeopathy.
Treatments from "natural healers" without medical schooling or certification are not allowed.

Comment iMac G5 (Score 1) 469

The iMac G5 was the first of the all-in one iMac designs that Apple sold. I got one and still regret it.
It's a good computer - no question about that. But it's frigging LOUD! I took it to the shop, phoned support but it apparently was by design. That's just what happens when you take hot G5 processors and stick them in an inch-thick enclosure. Figures that it took them only half a year to update the line.

Comment Stop making this trite! (Score 5, Insightful) 117

I know the tone on slashdot is more on the humorous side, but seriously, stop belittling this.

After the war, Liberia had no functioning utilities for over 14 years - no sewage system, no water, no electricity, no telephone. Nowhere - not even in the capital!
Without painting a stereotype, Liberians aren't exactly known for their entrepreneurship. This man should really be applauded for what he is pulling up despite difficulties.

Comment Re:Trackball (Score 1) 225

As a trackball user of many, many years I'd like to plug the Kensington Slimblade Trackball

Best trackball, no, best input device I have ever used. Get this: to scroll, you twirl the trackball along the z axis. Hardware is wonderful, the extra software is crappy but there is no need to install it.

Comment XML Compression (Score 4, Interesting) 169

So, I'm reading here that they convert the XML into proprietary metadata and compress that.

Why not use EXI (Efficent XML Interchange) which has been tested as more efficient that gzip and requires less memory to parse? Especially since the XML processing can remain the same, since the nodeset is the same.

Comment Any chance of the good stuff getting mirrored? (Score 1) 427

Often, when researching into old-ish (70s-80s) cameras and lenses, I stumble on really extensive pages on geocities or some other free service.

The resources we often enough unique and extremely informative. I should have considered mirroring them right then and there - now might be too late.
Is there any chance that the "good" stuff might have been mirrored to or something like that?

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