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MIT Dean of Admissions Resigns in Lying Scandal 351

Billosaur writes "CNN has a report that the Dean of Admissions at MIT has resigned her post after admitting to lying about her academic record. 'Marilee Jones, who joined the staff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1979 to lead the recruitment of women at the university, stepped down from her post after admitting that she had misrepresented her academic degrees to the institute, according to a statement posted on MIT's Web site.' The school had recently received information about her credentials and the subsequent investigation uncovered the misrepresentations. Question is, why did it take 28 years?"
It's funny.  Laugh.

OS X Vs. Vista — In Spandex 302

An anonymous reader writes "CNET UK compares Vista Vs. Apple OS X in a Romeo and Juliet, spandex-wearing, Shakespearean English style. Two guys dress up as their favorite operating system and fight with swords, guns, and fists, while a third guy, dressed as a woman, awaits the winner. 'Usability - Act 3, Scene 2: Swords clash, sparks fly and men grunt, but the showdown ends in stalemate ... [Vista] has a far better user interface than XP -- the file and application search facility is vastly improved and the cascading Start menu has been banished, but it only takes a few moments of use to discover pointless idiosyncrasies. Microsoft constantly reminds us of how great Flip 3D is, but this feature doesn't help us find the right application window much faster than Alt-Tab did. It's very time consuming when you have many application windows to flip through, and it's in no way as efficient as OS X's Exposé feature ... We're calling this one a draw. They're just as good as each other, and in some cases just as bad -- a pox upon both your houses! Score: Mac OS X - 2, Windows Vista - 2'"

Comment Re:Sketchy figures... (Score 2, Informative) 394

Deferring revenue is a pretty common accounting practice ... it's used to make your revenue streams more static ...

For example, if you were, say HR & Block and you make money for only 3 months out of the year, instead of marking all your revenue for that quarter and posting a loss the other 3 quarters, you would defer some of that revenue and "use" it some of the other three quarters if you have salaried employees ... This isn't sketchy at all.

Also, they aren't counting the upgrade coupons as full sales next year ... this example is kind of like Red Sox tickets. Let's say the Red Sox sell out all their regular season games on one day at the beginning of the season. They won't say that they made $200 million in revenue on one day, and then had losses the rest of the season. They'll defer that revenue over all the games, even though most people paid for their tickets on the first day ... Whether or not people actually show up for the game or not (or choose to install Vista or not), they paid for it in one way other another, and that's what counts for your earnings.

Seriously, this is very normal.

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