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Comment Can't do it, universities will go bankrupt (Score 1) 689

Foreign students pay at least twice the amount of what US, in-state students pay. Also, if you just take a look at any Masters or PHD programs, you will see that they are full of non-US citizens, so in a hypothetical foreigner ban, these programs won't be able to survive with only American students. There are also other advantages such as expanding US culture into other countries/cultures, exposing US students to other cultures, etc. So in other words, US is not giving free higher education to anyone, don't worry.
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Submission + - Affordable Mind-Controlled Robotic Telepresence (

DeviceGuru writes: Software developer Robert Oschler has launched a Kickstarter project aimed at creating a low-cost, mind-controlled, robotic telepresence system, based on integrating support for WowWee's Rovio robot, Emotiv's EPOC neuroheadset, and Skype communications into a new version of Oschler's Robodance software. The headset's ability to detect head movement and facial gestures will enable those with limited mobility to explore their home or any place else in the world where there's a Rovio they can connect to, at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives, says Oschler. As a reward for supporting the Kickstarter project, contributors at certain levels will have the opportunity to experience 10- or 20-minute 'telepresence tours' if the project achieves its funding goal.

Comment Go with a tablet (Score 1) 254

I have (or had) several e-book readers, as well as an Acer A500 tablet. Even if you hack your kindle, nook etc. to install a proper pdf reader, the real problem is their screen resolution, 800x600. At this resolution, technical or scientific pdf files become very hard to cope with. On the tablet you have a 10 inch 1280x800 screen, which works great for pdfs. I agree that e-ink beats the regular LCDs for reading comfort and paper like feel but a good high res pdf capable device with e-ink simply does not exist yet.

Comment Use fail2ban or denyhosts (Score 1) 298

Either use Fail2Ban or denyhosts, assuming you are using some sort of a linux/unix server. Both of them allows you to set thresholds so that it blocks further attempts from that particular IP for a preset amount of time. So you can set something like: if username is valid, allow 5 password attempts, then ban for 10 minutes if username is invalid, allow 2 attempts, then ban for 30 minutes if username is root or admin, block the ip until the world ends (which is two days from now apparently).

Comment Dear USA (Score 1) 538

You fucked yourselves up by using your shitty pounds, inches, fahrenheits, feets, X football fields, gallons. Please do not try to mess with our finely defined base 10 measurements and rot in your stupid imperial units.

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