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Comment Re:Poltics of harping (Score 1) 67

Well exactly, the problem is that this is within the President's constitutional authority, yet Congress wants to second guess him. When the President crosses the line of course someone should step in, but in this case it's the Congress overstepping its bounds. We should make all incoming Reps and Senators take a basic government course.

Comment Nothing like another dead horse to flog. (Score 4, Interesting) 595

In general geeks like to beat up on some large incorporeal entity that a segment of the community will defend to the death. Microsoft just isn't all that fun to kick around anymore, since the only people who still care about Windows are CTO's and those of us unfortunate enough to work in the dark section of IT known as Help Desk. Apple has become a juggernaut of shiny devices that sell to a large segment of the population that would have never even considered buying a Mac. An even smaller percentage of that give a crap about "lock-in" or other political stances. OS X geeks are a small and defensive breed, and they feel that these devices, ostensibly still computers, are an extension of their ecosystem. They're not, and they are a gateway drug for some. They were for me, but the large chunk of the iPhone and iPod populace doesn't care, and whenever the new must have gadget comes around, they'll move on. Previous generations re-bought their entire collections in several different mediums, this one will be no different. Lock in sucks, and hopefully video vendors come around on DRM, but I think streaming on demand will leapfrog them anyway. So the Apple fans will defend Steve Jobs unique vision as if it was their own, and the geeks will beat this topic to death until there something else that people love to bitch about on the Internet. It isn't principled, it's pointless. En mass much of the ecosystem has turned from Redmond Bad Cupertino Good to Curpertino Bad, Mountain View Good. That will last until some new hip kid on the block becomes the Geek chic and we will then decry Google's constant assault on our privacy. Here's to waiting until Cannonical is the bad guy.

Comment Poltics of harping (Score 1) 67

This is what happens when Congress tries to become an executive power. The blurring of lines in terms of what roles are laid out of for Congress and the President is getting to be just ridiculous. Incidents like this go to prove that Congress is misinterpreting its oversight powers as a reason to run every executive decision up the flagpole to review. This doesn't do anything but allow congress to play politics, this happened under Bush, and its happening again under Obama. On the same token, the Presidency has become the leader in terms of legislation and has pushed war powers further than in the past.

Comment What's the point? (Score 1) 197

I'm just not sure I see the need for another browser on the platform. Isn't Chrome on the Mac going to break down to a less pretty Safari? When I need Security and Ad-Free browsing, I'm going to use Firefox. When I'm checking my E-Mail and Facebook, I just use Safari. Chrome for Mac is missing everything that made me start using Chrome on Windows, it only retains the branding.

Comment What about... (Score 1) 438

MS has always been a me-too company, and well Sony is just Sony. There isn't much to say about both of them trying to edge in on Nintendo's territory. I don't think casual gamers are going to buy more than one console. It's just not going to happen, and Nintendo is the casual brand now, I think that was inevitable considering their place in pop culture. Trust me the 360 is a success because of its audience, and if MS alienates the audience they worked so hard so hard to cultivate, it will not end well.

Comment Re:Oh hey (Score 2, Interesting) 690

True enough, not to mention that the anonymity is by far the largest part of what makes the Internet such a useful tool in promoting freedom all around the world. It has allowed users in the Western World to truly see information from the perspective of the rest of the world, as well as asking what is being done in the name of their safety.

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