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First Person Shooters (Games)

Combat Vets On CoD: Black Ops, Medal of Honor Taliban 93

An anonymous reader writes "Thom 'SSGTRAN' Tran, seen in the Call of Duty: Black Ops live action trailer and in the game as the NVA multiplayer character, gets interviewed and talks about Medal of Honor's Taliban drama. '... to me, it's a non-issue. This is Hollywood. This is entertainment. There has to be a bad guy if there's going to be a good guy. It's that simple. Regardless of whether you call them — "Taliban" or "Op For" — you're looking at the same thing. They're the bad guys.'" Gamasutra published a related story about military simulation games from the perspective of black ops veteran and awesome-name-contest winner Wolfgang Hammersmith. "In his view, all gunfights are a series of ordered and logical decisions; when he explains it to me, I can sense him performing mental math, brain exercise, the kind that appeals to gamers and game designers. Precise skill, calculated reaction. Combat operations and pistolcraft are the man's life's work."

Comment This is evolution (Score 0) 309

This is nothing new. According to evolutionary theory, all species are constantly mutating.

Whether those mutations are beneficial or not is determined by how well its carrier survives. Therefore, if I mutate and grow elephant feet, that won't help me survive any better and would probably increase my chances of dying off.

However, if I were to mutate and develop the ability to hear 2x better than my fellow homosapiens, I would survive and thus reproduce, making the mutation a part of future generations and eventually integrating it into the general population
through the interbreeding of my offspring with others. Thus, survival of the fittest (and those best mutated).

Comment Re:The guys with Tin Foil Hats maybe? (Score 1) 324

Democracy is rule by majority.

Sorry, that's not what we have, nor the principle this nation was founded upon.

As for our lovely Teddy, he was anti-capitalist, pro-union, anti-big business, anti-achievement (read: hatred toward the extremely wealthy), for regulation (read: control of industry [how'd that work out for the airlines?]), and pushed for national healthcare.

So to reaffirm my original stance -- yes, I am calling him a liberal socialist.

Finally, re-evaluate your interpretation and meaning of words. Nowhere in my first post did I write anything indicate of "rightist" or conservative leanings. Assuming that I'm a right-wing conservative only because I disagree with you is just plain...sad

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