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Comment Re:Start up your own company (Score 1) 335

You're probably better off trolling message boards, doing spec work, cold calling, and promoting yourself than hanging around "gig" sites like elance competing with incompetent foreigners (the good ones have real jobs) for idiot clients (I want something exactly like Facebook for $250 in one month -- and it has to have 800 million users and make a profit.)

Comment Re:fuck that (Score 1) 335

Work hard, stay in shape, and you'll have at least 20 years on the tail end to enjoy yourself. You can decide if a couple months now is worth the trade off. All the spoiled brats and wistful cogs who say otherwise will be washed up and worthless as a grownup when you're reaping the rewards of a life well lived.

Comment Re:To paraphrase Slashdot... (Score 1) 16

He's using wikipedia to measure who's editing wikipedia. Considering it's one of the top collaborative sites, it's a pretty good source to determine how global inputs are spreading -- and since he's studying English language entries, he'd expect data to cluster around the USA. What he's trying to find out is how that diverges over time.

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