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Comment Re:Does that include Bing Bar? (Score 1) 177

What about the Xbox home screen? You pay a certain amount of money for the system. You pay 50$ a year to ACCESS their online services. Then they shove ads all over that auto-play when you scroll over them.

Seems like it's adware when anyone else is doing it, but if MS does it, it's golden.

Comment Might as well go read yahoo news (Score 1) 2219

This is only the third time I have ever logged into slashdot and only the second time I've ever commented. If the intelligent commenters/contributors leave, I will leave.

I come for the community, and frankly, I will leave with the community. I used to read yahoo news, but the comments were horrifyingly stupid and that stupidity was rewarded. Classic slashdot provided a well moderated and intelligent discussion board. Beta slashdot cuts that functionality off at the knees.

You lose the intelligent people who comment here and you lose the only reason anyone comes here, and many are prepared to leave permanently. You need to stop, NOW. If you lose the intelligent and insightful individuals who comment here, I might as well go back to yahoo news, where I don't have to read a summary but I can just RTFA because I'm sure as hell not going to read their idiotic comments.

Comment Re:Save the children... or make their work easier. (Score 1) 215

What are you hiding on the other side of your bushes? A KIDDIE PORN STUDIO?!?! I demand 24/7 surveillance over your yard by a squadron of drones. Those who want privacy are bound to be criminals. If you have nothing to hide, why worry about the government seeing everything you do, knowing everything about you, and keeping a database on you that incorporates all that information? They're just making sure you are not looking at kiddie porn. They need all that information. I mean it's pretty obvious that political dissenters are kiddie porn addicts, because if you disagree with the political norm you obviously have a sexual attraction towards children. That's the only reason they need the information. I applaud their efforts.

Submission + - Flight 447 "Black Box" Decoded (

fermion writes: An initial report has been released by the BEA concerning the details of the last minutes of Flight 447 en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. According the report the autopilot disengaged and stall warning engaged at 2 hours 10 minutes and 5 seconds into flight. Less than 2 minutes later the recorded speeds became invalid. At 2 hours 14 minutes and 28 seconds, the recording stopped. The final vertical speed was recorded around 10,912 ft/min.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - An interview with a Bitcoin mind (

HansonMB writes: Unlike the various virtual currencies that have found traction (and attracted some controversy) in the world of massive multiplayer online games, where they’re used to purchase virtual farms or weapons for slaying Orcs, Bitcoins have a more serious glimmer. They rely on a novel mechanism – developed by a Japanese computer science student – by which value is accumulated through peer-to-peer networks. They can’t be forged or stolen, nor can their value be artificially inflated; transactions based on them are untraceable (cue the bad guy James Bond music).

Some people think it’s a load of nonsense; others say Bitcoin has the capacity to topple governments. Bitcoins are already being accepted by a variety of websites spanning markets like gaming, music, electronics and more. Others, meanwhile, are simply using them to sell drugs and buy prostitutes. Regardless of how they are used, one thing’s certain: Bitcoins have certainly got a lot of nerdy people talking.

To get a better understanding of how these things are made and what they can do, I sat down with a Bitcoin miner. Our subject – a system administrator at a college in the New York area – has turned his school’s computers into a server farm to get more buck for his bang, so to speak. Because of the nebulous legal and ethical nature of his scheme, he asked to remain anonymous.

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