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Comment Re:Is "I told you so" appropriate? (Score 1) 261

It's not a good idea to nationalize our network infrastructure. Not now. Not ever. Let me explain: first, it is their network and therefore their property... that is unless the government is giving them our tax money. What needs to stop is the government needs to stop handing out tax revenues to massive corporations.

Second, P2P is the pike which private companies will try to bring in network monitoring; you don't think the government will do the exact same thing? They just passed a broad wiretapping law in Sweden; they promise not to monitor domestic activity, but in fact they don't have to. Gee, I wonder if the Swedes are going to get spied on? And America? I dream for the land of the free and home of the brave, but a lot of times I get land of the monitored and home of the arrested. England? I'm sure all those cameras are to respect the privacy of citizens and only catch criminals.

Third, you don't think the government has its own agenda? You don't think they'll develop their own vested interests, in the name of national security or whatever the latest nonsense happens to be? Why did we go into Iraq...? Or you know... maybe they'd just throttle bandwidth with whoever decides not to shake hands behind the door. I know politicians commit crimes that are never brought to light now, so do I really want those people to have control over the Internet?!

The solution is to have a balance between the two, increase private competition, and push for enforcement of laws that come companies are violating nowadays. Nationalization/socialization will just perpetuate the problems. And that's my 2c.

Sure, they can say, oh it's our network and that's what we are going to do with it, however, in the interests of the national GDP/economy we have to consider ISP infrastructure as vital to the economy now, both of the US and the world. Any shenanigans on how it is run are of vital business interest to business concerns other than the ISPs themselves. P2P is simply being used as the pike that gets network monitoring in the door. No, I have no actual proof of that, but if it were the danger that it is said to be, there would be plenty of evidence. Some of that evidence would be people complaining on the Internet about how slow their ISP is. Now, add to that the fact that these same ISPs have a vested financial interest in using more of your bandwidth than you want them to in order to provide the triple-play and quadruple-play service packages that stock holders are counting on for revenue.

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