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Comment Re:I am not worried about it (Score 1) 1367

If I am a vice president and make a movie an hour and a half long, misrepresenting facts, that is later banned from schools in the U.K. to comply with a court-decision because of its scientific misinterpretations?

I am of course not ignorant and dishonest, ( and in a totally non-realistic theory; ) I have a huge percentage of stocks in a company that would collect on a ( __ purely hypothetical__ ) "carbon tax".

When this happens, the rest of the world has to 'fix themselves' ? Also, anyone who questions this is either a 'conspiracy theorist' (lower than terrorists on the ladder in the U.S. social structure), or/and a 'nutjob' (TM fox news).

Also, five accountants will get a job by taxing everyone except the huge corporations that pollute 99% of the world (which will be taxed 0%). So if you do not accept AGW you are anti-American. You are against creating 'new jobs' for Americans. No matter if you live in any part of the rest of the 80+% of the world, you are evil. Only white male Americans on the internet has a right to voice their opinions.

Oh, I almost forgot, as long as they comply with mass-medias partyline, they are 'free' to say what they want.

To quote another slashdotter (who in all probability does not agree with me); "troll or uncomfortable truth?"
I guess I have to add (unfortunately, because of retardation and willful topic-changing), that I am not claiming there is no global warming.

Finally, please do not condemn my posts on other topics even if you disagree on this one.
(If there were no different opinions there would never be any debates.)

Just noticed the high user id. I might be wasting my time. Perhaps someone will read this though and think twice about what they see on their 100% controlled tv.
In that case this was worth 5 minutes.

Submission + - Riot Games CEO Decries SOPA (itproportal.com)

hypnosec writes: The CEO of Riot Games has spoken out against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), saying that it threatens the current state of the internet and game replays. "These bills are a misguided attempt to curb the illegal piracy of copyrighted content (like movies, music and games)," said Brandon Beck, CEO and co-founder of the League Of Legends developer. He was keen to let it be known that Riot was behind efforts to prevent piracy, but that SOPA was not the way to go. The problem the company — and most other opponents of the bill — has, is that the language used is so vague. Designed to target foreign internet pirates, when used against domestic sources problems arise. SOPA is conceptualized with speed in mind, meaning sites could be taken offline without even informing the owner.

Comment Re:States? (Score 1) 392

Yes, well. I mixed it up with the referendum to change the currency to the Euro. My bad.
However, the referendum was all but a fair vote. The result does not tell you anything about what really happened.

The government was spreading misinformation, or rather misleading information, and all of swedish media was only showing what would be positive about joining. Supported by huge amounts of funding from private interest groups.

Programs negative about joining the EU were not allowed to air. Two in the last week before the vote was held back. Removed from SVT, which is paid for by the public, (another discussion), and which they call an unbiased source of information, independent from corporate influence.

That was just in the last week. This wave of suppressing information went on much longer.

After that propaganda run, a mere 52,3 % wanted to join.
Every other opinion poll has been overwhelmingly against the EU.

Technically, I guess, the vote showed the swedish people approved.
It is far from the whole story though.


Submission + - Google removes + operator. (pcworld.com)

fierce writes: Google has recently made a major change to their "undocumented operators"-behavior. One that there is very little news about. You can no longer use the + operator. Instead we can now use the much more convenient (or so they claim) '' around words. This seems to remove any and all functionality to search for exact phrases. A bit more in depth piece at PCWorld.

Comment Re:Different perspective... (Score 1) 430

A drawn out court battle would draw even more attention to these things. Something that is probably not in the interest of the RCC, so they pay in order to make it go away quickly and relatively quietly.

If they indeed fight an unjust accusation, it will further the connection in people's minds between them and pedophilia thanks to the hyperbolic way child porn is perceived in todays society. That is, even the possession of it. Anyone who has a few images is an active pedophile preying on our children, and so on.

A brief side point, (personal belief here), that logic fallacy would be like naming anyone who has the "faces of death" compilations is a murderer in waiting.

Anyway, that pedophilia has been documented to be true in many cases doesn't help the RCC's cause, and if they did fight it, they would be bound to follow that course of action every time this type of thing came up.

I don't think seeing a settlement as an admission of guilt in this case might be all that accurate.

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