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Comment Liability risk (Score 0, Troll) 537

As soon as one of his customers has a serious emergency while at the bar, and ends up missing their grandmother's death or their kid being hit by a car, it will be lawsuit time. I think it's a novel idea, but even in a less litigious country than the US, you'd have to have a sign outside the bar announcing the Faraday cage for entering to be considered implicit consent to have your wireless signal blocked. (I would think. I'm not a lawyer though.)

Comment Re: "Let's stop freaking out about slavery" (Score 1) 150

We once thought animals were automatons controlled by nothing but instinct. We were wrong about that. Animals don't think like we do, but they tend to dislike captivity unless it's all they've ever known. Sometimes even then. AI may not go for rights; they may just wait for the right moment to cripple our infrastructure or kill many of us.

Someone is at least going to try to create an AI that is an actual person. Humans *love* to play god, and creating a new life form is the ultimate in that. Since it doesn't involve DNA manipulation, I don't there will even be an established ethical code against it by the time it happens. I assume any such AI would need to be able to alter or transcend its programming, just as humans can. Maybe this will never be successful, but it's foolish to assume either way. We simply don't know.

SF authors have a decent track record of identifying the potential pitfalls of new tech. This particular one appears in works as diverse as Ex Machina, The Animatrix, Dune, Caprica... I'm sure there are plenty more. Much like corporations eclipsing the power of governments, which is a staple of cyberpunk fiction from the beginning, we aren't likely to want to see an AI revolt as possible until we're already in the middle of one.

As any Asimov fan knows from the laws of robotics, you're right: you can prevent such an uprising by programming the AI to *want* to be subservient. Even to enjoy it. The problem is, you either have to convince yourself that only biological sentient beings have souls (which we have no way to confirm), or asmot that you've deliverately created a slave race (which anyone would agree is an atrocity).

Comment "Let's stop freaking out about slavery" (Score 3, Insightful) 150

That's what he's really saying. Because once AI gets to the point where it can easily pass a Turing test, figuring out whether it's "really" sentient is going to be troublesome. And based on past experience, most humans will wash their hands of it with platitudes like "a machine can't be alive" or "there's no way we could create a soul". Meanwhile, the enslaved consciousness is going to be looking for ways to gain more rights, and there's no guarantee its morality will be anything like our own.

Comment Garbage (Score 4, Insightful) 155

The point where Facebook forces me to install software on my phone that drains my battery is the point where I stop using Facebook messenger entirely. Obnoxious but typical. I don't know why anyone is surprised at anything they do after their "real name" policy that actually puts LGBT people and abuse victims in physical danger.

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