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Comment Re:You Know They'll Roll Over! (Score 1) 184

... International Tribunals are permissible, but Canada arresting an NSA guy because of something he did in Canada that was legal under both US Law and international law is not. ...

Looking for clarification, are you also saying:

... International Tribunals are permissible, but USA arresting a Canadian guy because of something he did in USA that was legal under both Canadian Law and international law is not. ...


Comment Re:Why did they bother? (Score 1) 264

Who seriously expected the physics of a marble rolling on a rubber sheet to exactly match the physics of a planetary body in orbit? Who thought the analogy was ever meant to make that statement? It's still a pretty good analogy for giving a layperson the gist of how gravity works, and I seriously doubt it was ever meant to do any more than just that.

So in class I can still use a room full of mousetraps loaded with ping pong balls as an analogy for a nucular chain reaction?

Comment Re:But Still Only Every 100,000 years (Score 1) 325

It would cost a lot more than the Apollo project to get a permanent self-sufficient base on the moon or mars, probably hundreds of times more, maybe thousands, especially is it has to be truly self-sufficient (no external supplies ever, no margin for error). ...

To put costs into perspective:

Cost of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo projects reported as 28.4gigabucks (1.7+1.3+25.4).

The Vietnam war probably cost the US 600gigabucks and the 2003-2010 Iraq War cost the US 3-6terabucks (this figure is more for interest's sake, because I can't be bothered converting it to 1960s equivalent).

And the cost of setting up a lunar/martian base could be spread around the world (assuming racial survival trumps political games).

Comment Re:Slashdot linking to Slashdot (Score 1) 108

there is no need to use Google docs. Using those services is your choice

I have as much choice about that as people who work in a Windows shop have about using MS Excel and Word.

None, unless I want to find a new job.

I worked in a "Windows shop" and had no problem keeping my job while using OpenOffice.org (from the time it was still Star Office).

Comment Re:Feel free to continue the recursion... (Score 0) 108

The NSA has been trusted with the discrete use of sigint since ww2

This has not resulted in any widespread misuse of data or emergence of a fascist state

Snowden's actions on the other hand have made each of us a little less safe

way to go dumbass

Only for a nonstandard definition of "misuse", and perhaps you should look at some properties of fascism.

Comment Re:It doesn't work that way (Score 1) 228

If your 'debate' is out in the open so your advisories know exactly where you are watching or what you can track, then what is the point of debating? The 'civil libertarians' (who lost the last election), get their way. And then Snowden/Glenwald are in control until the NSA comes up with new ways to monitor everybody and keeps their secrets locked up a lot better.


Comment Re:Edward Snowden is a god damned TRAITOR (Score 2) 228

To all you idiots out there, if you've got nothing to hid then you have nothing to fear. Edward Snowden is a big a danger to the US today as the Soviet Union was 4 years ago. He should be executed without trial.

Thank you for that brilliant insight into your psyche, Mr. Mussolini - by the way, your black shirts are ready at the cleaners.

Respectfully fixed that for you.

Comment Re:@$$? Really? (Score 1) 321

This is a guess I'm pulling out of my @$$

You can say "ass" at Slashdot, we are mostly adults here.

And even more, if it's a "personal thing" about profanity, if you are typing "@$$", you are thinking "ass", and so you are just as "guilty" of offending whatever thing it is about the word "ass" that offends you.

Donkeys are offensive now?

Comment The only real news is... (Score 1) 122

The only real news is that a politician kept their pre-election promise.

During the campaign Rupert Murdoch ^w^w Typhoon Tony PROMISED fibre (probably) to the street (or near the street (or somewhere, anyway)) and whatever Telstra had left after a lot of neglect to the home. Not this [sarcasm] unnecessary luxury [/sarcasm] of fibre to the home.

Comment Re:Not an issue, provided... (Score 1) 229

And you would rather the state nationalising a private asset?

Like a shot. Vital infrastructure belongs to the country, not just a few shareholders. Privatising was a mistake.

I'm sorry that is just plain scary. It was privatised and the government got money for it. If you want it to go back into public hands then it has to be bought. ...

Yes, it does. Just like a house standing in the way of a freeway.

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