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Comment Re:Need local printing (Score 1) 37

It will never happen because the whole platform's purpose is to provide the NSA with copies of all your documents and a log of all your Internet activities.

If you print directly, the NSA won't get a copy. Google docs and printers are the NSA's wish come true.

The NSA believes everyone should store their login credentials on an always-on Internet connected device inside their LAN.

Queue the Google shills who will tell us that we have nothing to worry about because the data is transferred via https.

Comment Re: Empathy (Score 1) 460

. is a regex term that means "any single character"

Standard Unix shells like bash use the ? character as a match for any single character.

I remove special files using 'rm -rf .??*'

For over 25 years I've always aliased rm to 'rm -i' in interactive shells. I run my rm command and verify it covers the intended targets by hitting Y a couple of times, then I cntrl C.

Up arrow, add a backslash to the front and hit return to complete the rm without prompts. When I'm drunk with confidence, I preface my 'rm' command with a backslash.

Before command line editing I used; 'yes | !!' as the safe rm override.

Comment Re:Most of these malware articles are terrible. (Score 1) 20

It was a polymorphic Ad in the form of an article. An absolute goldmine for buzzword bingo, containing nothing of technical value.

When I hit the JavaScript wall in front of a PDF download for the "whitepaper", I assumed the malware was confined to BAE supported systems and closed the page.

Comment Lack of reading comprehension (Score 1) 455

The MN tech reporter is just plain wrong. From the actual Glassdoor report;

comparing workers with similar age, education and years of experience shrinks that gap to 19.2 percent. Further, comparing workers with the same job title, employer and location, the gender pay gap in the U.S. falls to 5.4 percent

The report covers employment outside the US as well, and provides workable solutions to close that final 5.4% gap;

A large number of academic studies find salary transparency can help eliminate male-female pay differences. For example, a 2012 study by economists Andreas Leibbrandt and John List found that a major contributor to the gender pay gap is a negotiation gap. Women are less likely to negotiate over salary than men. But when researchers explicitly told job seekers that pay was negotiable, the gender gap disappeared.

Comment Re:Let's all start running now! (Score 1) 421

I was told in 1974 by The Weekly Reader that by the year 2000 all of the beaches in North Carolina were gong to be gone.

Those of us with full reading comprehension understood the subject was beach erosion at Cape Hatteras, not global climate change.

Despite a century building dikes and breakwaters and pumping sand, the beach in front of the historic lighthouse continued to erode, putting the structure at risk. In 1999, the US Park Service jacked the 200 ft tall brick structure up and moved it 1500 ft inland. When I visited in the late '80s, there was no beach, only riprap near the lighthouse.

Personally, I think the Outer Banks of NC makes a great case study on environmental change and people's responses to it.

The artificial dune line presents quite an environmental conundrum. Should we preserve them as well as the homes built on the formally shifting sand bars?

Comment Re:And my monthy electric bill... (Score 1) 244

Has never been higher. Additionally because my state (Colorado) has decided to replace the coal plants with natural gas, increasing the price to heat my home as well.

I don't believe studying a perceived problem and producing voluntary goals for the future has significant effect on the current market.

Colorado used to enjoy cheap natural gas (and lower power bills) because we produce more NG than we use by a large margin and there was limited ability to transport it out of state.

Recently, several new interstate pipelines were built to export the gas. Instead of a constant glut, we now get to enjoy a more regional market where a 10% supply "shortage" nets a 300% change in wholesale price.

Manipulating the maintenance schedule of the pumping stations to artificially restrict transport capacity has far more effect on the market.

Comment Re: Check it on the road (Score 1) 68

Here in Denver, CO, we monitor from highway on-ramps to determine which cars are in need of repairs.

What about cars that never go near an on-ramp?


Emissions testing is only required for vehicles driven into the urban counties more than 90 days per year. If required, the owner must take the car to one of the fixed locations for testing If you don't drive past the road side test stations several times with a clean bill of health.

In addition, if your vehicle fails the road side tests bad enough, they will contact you and require repairs. If repairs are too expensive, the state will pay you a couple of hundred dollars to destroy the vehicle.

Comment Re:So only 25% more than background? (Score 3, Interesting) 215

Psshaw... around Denver, we get about 11 mSv/yr because we live on top of a big uranium deposit. Radioactive Radon is everywhere!

In Boulder where I grew up, the kids fishing pond was made from the abandoned settling ponds of an old mill.

In the late 1960's, the DOE did an aerial survey for lost plutonium from the nearby Rocky Flats Weapons plant after a bad fire at the plant.

All those little hills around the pond that we sat on as we fished were tailings from the Radium mill and were pretty hot.

So, far I've received over 500 mSV from living in this radioactive heaven hole.

Comment telnet Ray Tomlinson 25 (Score 4, Funny) 58



RCPT TO: raytomlinson@cloud.hev


Subject: Thanks.


Thanks for all your work on this new tech. I've found it especially useful and it has given me great joy at times.

One of the best times is when I emailed the school staff list "from the District Superintendent", clarifying the dress code for staff on "Casual Fridays".

I started with a few stolen lines from a real memo. I included some choice text from the district's student dress code for maximum troll effect and ended with a school colors clown nose requirement.

I actually got to hear one of the office staff say: "I didn't know the district had a casual Friday!". Everyone laughed, and I did not go to jail. The district IT staff got the message and updated their SMTP server to use authentication.

-A grateful user.

Comment Re:Banks just don't get it. (Score 4, Funny) 167

When opening any account that may generate taxable income, I always ask; "Will you send me a summary tax statement at the end of each year?"

Lately, the reply is "Yes! After you register and create an account, just log in and then swipe right on the PersonalServices emoji floating on your landing wall, pin "MyDocuments" to the Selector area, zoom out, scroll down, and long tap the individual statement in the list. You'll get a Special Offers flyer while you wait for your statement to be 'retrieved'. After it's done, the down arrow shaped cloud in the bottom right corner will turn gold so you can swipe it. Be sure to get our free app in the play store which provides you an EyeView and can squirt the doc to your tax app. If you still want to use a PC, click on the steam punk binocular icon, located on the PS wall to bring up the MyTeller IE plugin ..."

Me:That's nice, but I'd prefer we exchange public keys so you can send me signed statements in PDF form via email, that only I can open. I have several popular forms of U2F keys as well as my public key files on a USB stick.

Them: "We can't do that because email is not safe. That's how computers get infected."

Comment Re:Unfixed for two weeks and they didn't notice... (Score 1) 164

I just read the NRC report, linked in TFA.

The NRC report documents 2 events at Byron Station Unit 1. There were also events at South Texas, Unit 2, Beaver Valley Power Station, Unit 1, Nine Mile Point, Unit 1 , and James A. Fitzpatrick Power Plant in the US, and Bruce Power Plant in Canada, Forsmark Unit 3 in Sweden, and Dungeness B power plant in UK. Some faults took several weeks to detect because the power source was not used during normal plant operation.

At Byron Station where the open phase happened on the safety critical bus; "Some of the operating loads tripped due to phase unbalance, while some safety-related and nonsafety-related loads overheated and failed."

The operators saved the reactor's cooling pumps by taking manual action. It took them 8 minutes to diagnose the fault and disconnect the problem power source. Apparently, they were minutes away from a reactor coolant leak into the containment building. The automated fail-over systems did not detect the open phase and left the plant to run on the problematic power source.

I'd say you lost your $1000.

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