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Russia's Unmanned Capsule Misses Space Station 224

mikesd81 writes "Russia's unmanned cargo ship Progress 38 missed docking with the ISS and sailed right on by it instead of docking on autopilot. A telemetry lock between the Russian-made Progress module and the space station was lost and the module flew past at a safe distance. NASA said the crew was never in danger and that the supplies are not critical and will not affect station operations. There will be no other attempts at docking today, and the orbit of the module raises questions of any other attempts again. Packed aboard the spacecraft are 1,918 pounds of propellant for the station, 110 pounds of oxygen, 220 pounds of water and 2,667 pounds of dry cargo — which includes spare parts, science equipment and other supplies."

Pakistan Court Orders Facebook Ban Over Mohammed Images 949

jitendraharlalka writes with this excerpt from Al Jazeera English: "A Pakistani court has issued a ban on the social networking site Facebook after a user-generated contest page encouraged members to post caricatures of Prophet Mohammed. The Lahore High Court on Wednesday instructed the Pakistani Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to ban the site after the Islamic Lawyers Movement complained that a page called 'Draw Mohammed Day' is blasphemous. ... 'We have already blocked the URL link and issued instruction to Internet service providers,' Khurram Mehran, a spokesperson for the PTA, said."

Comment Re:Not her parents... (Score 2, Insightful) 804

For most people, no, it's not the only reason. First... none of those markets can even begin to approach the ubiquity and profitability of the drug trade. We are talking billions of dollars flowing among hundreds of millions of drug producers, sellers, and consumers. Second - and more importantly - all of the examples you listed involve crimes with victims. Producing, selling, and using drugs are all inherently victimless crimes: no person is harmed or deprived of their rights as a consequence of these actions.

Criminal organizations make the vast majority of their profit from the drug trade, because the market for drugs is huge, but they engage in many other crimes as well, including the ones you mentioned. If we can deprive criminal organizations of the profit they make from drugs, they will inevitably be weakened - their ability to use money to influence and bribe corrupt government officials to their ends will be reduced. No doubt they will redouble their efforts to make profit from other markets, but the markets for the things you mentioned are nowhere near as ubiquitous as the demand for drugs is (and there is no reason to believe that criminal organizations aren't already trying to maximize the profit they make from these other ventures.)

Submission + - Facebook fixes embarrassing security flaw (

feuerfalke writes: Facebook recently scrambled to fix a security issue with their privacy controls that allowed users to get a peek in to their friends' live chat conversations and pending friend requests. The issue existed with Facebook's privacy feature that allowed users to view their profiles as other users would see it. From the article:

"For a limited period of time, a bug permitted some users' chat messages and pending friend requests to be made visible to their friends by manipulating the 'preview my profile' feature of Facebook privacy settings," Facebook said in a statement.

Comment Re:Student Interest Does Not Equal Employer Intere (Score 1) 225

Who is going to coordinate the development efforts between the various departments? The best person in each category is likely to know jack about the other category, and you're not going to effectively turn talent into an actual finished game unless you can get some communication going between the different departments. Programmers don't want to have to deal with art issues, and artists really don't want to have to deal with scripting or programming.

This is where the tecnical artist (AKA technical director) steps in. He bridges the gap between programmers and artists, providing tools for artists and ensuring that art gets smoothly integrated into the game (among other things.) It's an unglamorous job, but technical directors actually tend to get paid more than other positions because it requires a solid understanding of both aesthetics (art) and function (programming.) So in fact, someone with "all of those skills" still plays an important role in game development - he lets the other departments focus on being the best at what they're doing :)

Comment Re:Africa (Score 3, Insightful) 146

How in the world would another nation or continent regress simply because conditions in Africa improve? I guess you could make an argument that there are limited resources in the world - but I seriously doubt that another developing or developed nation would suddenly plummet into the stone age simply because Africa is catching up with the rest of the world. Whether or not the rest of the developed world wants to share any of its resources with Africa is another story, however... how many Americans would give up their oversized homes and cars and reduce their ridiculous consumption of meat, water, and so on just so that some far-off distant nation can fare a little better?

Comment Re:Insane (Score 4, Informative) 216

Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spare for a fuckup like this - some people were charged upwards of a thousand dollars! Not everyone can afford the tens or hundreds of dollars of fees they'll be facing, not just in overdraft fees, but also fees for bounced checks, etc. There are lots of people who live paycheck to paycheck - they feed themselves, maybe their kids, they pay rent... but there's not too much left over to save up after that. Even just a few days in which someone can't pay bills can cause a great deal of carnage in someone's life.

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