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Submission + - Stopping street sound in your bedroom

fervus writes: Hi! I live in a crowded area, next to a hospital and the sound from the street below makes for a poor sleep — with engine noise from busses, trams, motorbikes and sirens from ambulances. My exterior walls are coated with sound-proof materials and I have tripple windows but somehow the nights are still very noisy. I've read about white noise for blocking sound. Can you recommend any solutions you've tried? How should a white noise be mounted for best efficiency?

Comment Re:Audiobooks as soundtrack music? (Score 1) 415

I guess it doesn't work for everyone and the attention focus is a problem in the first month, but after that you will adapt. I have listened to hundreds of audiobooks in the past 5 years and enjoyed every last one of them. I also haven't been run over by a car or missed my train station after the first month.

Comment Why not a real country? (Score 2) 210

I wonder why no REAL country in this world wouldn't receive Wikileaks voluntarily. I mean... there has to be a real government out there who just loves trashing the other BIG countries with wikileaks. In the end it's information and information can be used to manipulate people.. somebody MUST love the idea, even if that somebody is a country low on human rights like North Korea or Burma. I'm not saying it's a good thing to have this data being used for manipulations.. I'm just wondering why is there that nobody actually uses it and welcomes it for that matter.

Comment Why not launch a rocket from the baloon (Score 3, Interesting) 115

My calculations might be wrong here, but I've always wondered... If a high-school can launch a helium balloon to a height of 24km, and also launch a homemade rocket that can rise as hight as 30km, couldn't some high-school class launch a rocket from the top point of a helium balloon to reach geosynchronous orbit? Wouldn't that be a feat more worthy of commenting? What would be the problems with such a lauch?

Submission + - Microsoft Visual Studio Achievements (

fervus writes: "From the article:
"A software engineer's glory so often goes unnoticed. Attention seems to come either when there are bugs or when the final project ships. But rarely is a developer appreciated for all the nuances and subtleties of a piece of code--and all the heroics it took to write it. With Visual Studio Achievements Beta, your talents are recognized as you perform various coding feats, unlock achievements and earn badges."

I wonder if it will also have counter-achievements.. like: "You never learn from your mistakes", "The compiler is very unhappy with you" or "You need to learn more about design patterns, dude!""

Comment Re:Find precious metals on Mars (Score 1) 228

The problem with getting precious metals/stones from outside of our planet is that the price of those metals would crumble as more of them hit the markets - aka no more "precious". What is needed is for us to find some valuable compound, in large quantities that we can consume or build stuff with, so that we would always require more. However, given our recent state of development, any technology using such a precious material will not probably be long lived (long = more than 100 years) and building a Mars base for that might still not be productive given the costs. Therefore, I think the only reason for us going to Mars is and will remain - "Because we can" (and do some research). If this research can provide us with further economical reasons, then great! If not, I'm afraid missions to Mars will have the same frequencies as the ones on the Moon. Colonization for the sake of colonization is probably not going to happen. We need a real reason to leave Earth in order for us to do that.

Submission + - Intel enters the Location Based Services Market (

fervus writes: "On a LBS market that already has Google, Facebook and Bing coming from behind, is there room enough for Intel? They certainly seem to believe so! Do you see Intel as your potential "Location Companion" through the crowded streets of your city?"

Submission + - What is the safest web browser?

fervus writes: Hi!
For the last years I used Google Chrome for my Web browsing but now it's becoming more and more popular and I've had (for ages) the idea that malicious sites aren't as likely to hurt your computer if you browser is more exotic.
What do you recommend? (safety wise)

Comment How is having an online auction different than wha (Score 1) 591

Comment Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) (Score 1) 70

Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) - Now this is the kind of game/movie that I would love to see more of. The idea was simple: a game that plays like a movie but in which you still continuously(almost) PLAY the game. It had great story, great feeling to the scenes, sound was appropriate and cinematics blended in so naturally. It all worked out. In my opinion I would give that game an Oscar. I think the story is the most important aspect of a game - as in any movie. Match it with good acting and keep the user playing (not as a spectator) and you will get a lot of success with it. In time, if enough of these are created, games will get their own Oscar award. P.S. I know Grammy's are just for sound.. but we're talking about entertainment in general here.

Comment Re:Boycott (Score 1) 515

The thing abou boycott is that I am slowly but surely loosing trust in all the big corporations. If I stop buying Apple because they are evil with their tight control on what you do on your device (and I agree), Samsung because they install keyloggers, Sony because of the PS3 other OS crap (and GeoHot lawsuit), Microsoft, Google, Toshiba, Dell... Guys! I'm starting to run out of options here! Everybody pulls a lot of crap nowadays, and it seems that if they don't, they quickly loose market advantage and start pulling crappy products on the market. Can you help me name ONE big corporation that didn't try to screw their customers in one way or another?

Comment Series going forward (Score 1) 194

Well, in my point of view, as long as they got their hands on the license (which I have no doubt they did) it's their license now. If you love the Ultima universe then you'll at least be glad there is somebody with enough resources to continue the series in a dignifying manner. At least they are obviously going to get out at least one more game (browser or not) as opposed to other licenses they got their hands on and just killed.

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