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Comment Useless with virtualization? (Score 4, Insightful) 169

This device seems backwards with today's trends. With virtualizaion gaining ground fast, the ideal setup is to have as much RAM as possible with a SAN back end for storage - iSCSI, FC, whatever. Most local disks on servers today are RAID1 mirrors for the small hypervisor.

So, yes, this device wastes a valuable DIMM slot to give you a less-valuable SATA drive?

I can't think of any scenario where this would be useful unless you're talking about handheld devices - a MacBook Air or tablet of some sort.

Comment Re:Apparently Obama knows not Grigsby & Cohen (Score 2, Funny) 763

Of course, their people are mostly 40 - 50+ Americans, who are no doubt more expensive than 20-something Indians. But they also know what they're doing.

Knowing what you're doing is SO 20th century. Next you'll be telling us the 50-year-olds don't spend 70% of their day on AIM and Facebook...

You know how I know you're old?

Comment Re:What will it take to end this fragmentation? (Score 1) 193

At least you'll have 2.2 eventually. For those of us with a Hero or Eris, this is the only way we get FroYo. A semi-working build was available within hours of the FroYo source code release, and now stable versions abound. But the Eris is already end-of-life. One day your incredible will be, too.

Comment Re:I wish slashdot had... (Score 1) 789

The grammar nazi in me must speak out. If you have a countable number of anything, the correct word is fewer.

As in, I wish I had fewer compilation errors. If the object is indivisible, like my body, than it would be less. As in, I wish I weighed less.

This is why we can't have nice things. We have fewer things.

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