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Comment Re:why (Score 2) 218

The reason is ARM.

TFS and the shitty FA mention "17ms Sunspider time" (and that's impossible), while the Anandtech figure is a more believable 1695ms. Anand's review also measuers linpack performance at 47.2 MFLOPS. Compare that to the 508ms and 162MFLOP result (lower is better) of a 2004 single-core AMD Sempron 3100+ running at 1.9GHz. And this 2004 CPU is very slow compared to anything modern.

Currently, ARM is very slow for general computing, and don't listen to what x86 doomsayers parrot everyday.

Comment Re:why 380v? (Score 1) 462

I haven't had CCFL monitors fail on me. CCFL lifespan (like home fluorescent lighting) is more influenced from on/off cycles than power on hours. Setting the monitor's at sleep at 30 minutes (as opposed to 5 minutes) significantly improves the lifetime of the backlight.

Comment Re:why 380v? (Score 1) 462

At very low duty cycles(5-15%) a very high frequency is required for flicker-free operation and since most LED backlit displays are either low-end TNs or TVs, manufacturers find it hard to justify the a better IC that would increase the cost of BOM significantly. Dell's 2*12 IPS series doesn't suffer from flickering, but most other LED-backlit monitors (and even many mobile phones) do.

Comment Re:why 380v? (Score 1) 462

And subsequently have a bluish white-point (non-optimal), smaller gamut (because of the light spectrum produced by the LED) and can be tiring at low brightness settings for some people (including me) because of the PWM brightness control. No professional-grade monitor uses white-LED backlighting.

Change is not always for the better.

Comment Another "upside" of this technology... (Score 2) 135

Various governments around the world can impose a tax on the liquid, effectively being able to keep that huge income stream intact. When the price at the pump is 75% tax (in my glorious socialist EU country), at 1,70€/liter...

Electric cars can use 20Amp 3-phase chargers to charge the batteries (albeit slowly) without requiring any changes in the electrical systems of a house. This makes government budget centers iffy, since they cannot easily tax you (despite the fact that in many EU countries you already pay for a yearly tax in excess of 150€).

Cars with liquid-rechargeable batteries would allow them to control distribution of the liquid and keep taxing it.

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