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Comment The G4 Play makes no sense (Score 1) 28

Let's summarize: the ad-free version of the G4-play goes for 149USD (99USD, Prime ad version). Comes with 16GB RAM, 8MP camera and a Qualcomm 410. However, the base version of the G4 goes for the same prive on amazon (either version) and comes with the same 16GB RAM, better 13MP camera and a Qualcomm 627. Can anybody explain to me what's Amazon/Lenovo's thinking?

Comment Making it better by going proprietary? (Score 0) 771

I fail to understand the last comment in the post. How in the world going to a fully proprietary interface shows leadership into finding "something better"? If we go by that reasoning, every manufacturer will go with their own interface, and so there will be chaos. I personally don't want to end up with the hardware equivalent of the mess that is the myriad of proprietary messaging protocols of today. You want leadership to truly do something better? Come up with a standard port and work with others to implement it. The fact that this is detrimental to Apple's business strategy is irrelevant, but at least let's be honest in understanding that there is ZERO innovation on Apple's move, and it is not done to do things better. (Besides, Motorola was first in doing that earlier this year).

Comment Missing the point here. (Score 1) 496

And yet, this misses the point. NOx emissions are only PART of the story. Particulate matters, and under driving conditions we constantly endure (stop-and-go), particulate is produced massively, with very small particle size. That, along with NOx, creates the massive smog in Europe and respiratory conditions. NOx may break down and all, but soot doesn't. One can justify, pointlessly IMHO, that diesel is still worth, but in all reality, particulate will kill it.

Comment Re:The brief puff of black soot... (Score 1) 496

Less is still not "nothing". It's in fact significant compared to gas engines, mostly under transients (stop-and-go, etc), where the load and combustion is not ideal. You need some really fancy electronic control and post-combustion processes to keep up with the production of soot.... The fact that combustion has become more "optimized" smaller particulate can actually become more harmful.

Comment Re:The brief puff of black soot... (Score 1) 496

That's not how urea works. Urea is used uniquely to reduce NOx by reacting to produce H2O and N2. They have zero effects on particulate matter. Particulate matter is a direct byproduct of incomplete combustion (any combustion) that takes place regardless of post-combustion treatments (like urea injection). The only "solution" in used for particulate is simply a trap, which blocks all but the smaller particles. When the filter is saturated, extra diesel fuel is injected in it and additional high temperature combustion within the filter breaks down the particulate to fine stuff. The fine stuff that now seems to be the problem. Bottom line: industry tried to mitigate an intrinsic problem of diesel cars and by doing so they created new problems. The only real solution is mve past diesel. Heck even old style gas engine are better, mostly when coupled with e-motors (as in hybrids).

Comment It's about size (Score 5, Insightful) 496

Your comments highlight the crux of the problem. Back in the day, inefficient (read truck like) diesel were shooting out black smoke. That particulate is large in size (10 or 100 of microns) that you actually "see". Improvements in efficiencies (both in combustion and trapping) made modern "clean engines" reduced the size of particulate to few microns. Those are much more difficult to see. Yet they are far more dangerous. Large particulate is trapped in your upper respiratory tract, the fine stuff gets deep in your lungs, often bioaccumulaating like abspestos does. You know how the stoey goes. Not because you don't see it it means it's not there... Next time stick a paper towel on the exhaust of your cold diesel and leave it there for a few minutes. Look at the color. Now you have somerhing to "see".

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