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Comment Re:So what you're saying is: (Score 1) 629

The "him" in my post was referring to the MP that was attacked. Why she did something crazy is largely (if not entirely) immaterial. She tried to hurt somebody, so she should take responsibility. If somebody is intentionally citing violence, they're as guilty of causing harm as the person holding the weapon. So if this cleric did so (I haven't watched the video because I have better things to do, like eat fatty foods and take dumps), then he's guilty too.

Comment Re:So what you're saying is: (Score 2, Insightful) 629

The proper response to what happened to him is to lock up the "nutter", as you crazy Brits say. Trying to block access to the material said nutter watched before doing something stupid is shifting the blame. The person did something stupid because they're crazy. Saying that "the video made them do it" is removing personal responsibility. Someone is crazy enough to think they can stab an MP in broad daylight? They go to jail.

Comment Re:Sure, prices will drop, but will they drop enou (Score 1) 635

Odd, I'd think materials and labor would be the area that would see the greatest drop in price. Maybe someone will find a cheaper way to produce the mirrors or motors, and automation could make the labor worlds cheaper. The control and power lines probably aren't really huge areas for research and development, but since I'm not in that industry, I can't say that for certain.

Comment Re:Call me a fanboi or whatever but... (Score 1) 563

That can't be the only requirement for a game to be good. I mean, someone could write a Whack-A-Mole simulator that dialed out to Anthony & Victor's Discount Kneecappings, but didn't require online activation, CD-keys longer than my state motto, or any of the other zany ideas game companies have tried in the past.

Comment Re:stupid (Score 4, Insightful) 393

Ye gods, I've got one even scarier.

Let's assume, for a moment, that we will one day see an implantable device that acts as a "mechanical kidney". What I'm imagining is something similar to my cousin's ileostomy (he has Crohn's Disease), in which one kidney is replaced with a filtering device that either dumps waste into an externally connected bag, or holds it in a surgically implanted reservoir until it can be emptied. Something that complicated would almost certainly need some level of control, and I'm sure there are a thousand and one things that could be analyzed in real time.

"Mr. Pratt, this is Packmonger Insurance calling to inform you that your payment is officially past due. Per the terms of your plan's contract, we are reducing your blood filtration rate by 10%. This is enough of a decrease to cause low-risk symptoms of renal failure, without irreparably damaging your other major organs. Please consider your impending itching, joint aches, and/or increased urination an incentive to pay on time in the future. Thank you, and have a wonderful day."

Comment Shameless. (Score 1) 651

This is just an attempt to rationalize things. I work in the printer industry. We do much larger printers (from really huge things like billboards to really small stuff like printing on commemorative coins), and a large part of that involves testing different ink formulas. Most of the experimental inks we test with cost us at most a couple of dollars per liter, and customers that buy our printers usually spend pennies per liter. The obvious argument is that purchasing ink in bulk makes that possible, and that packaging smaller amounts increases the cost per unit. Even taking that into account, desktop ink is wildly overpriced.

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