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Comment Re:Obama and the FCC dont get cell phone tech (Score 1) 378

There will come a time in the future thanks to the popularity of iPhones and flagship Android phones where they begin building them with support for all carriers. Why? Because it's simpler if you only have one model to produce. Not to mention that when everyone moves to voice over LTE the CDMA problem is now completely gone.

Comment Moronix (Score 3, Insightful) 100

I swear to god if you keep posting articles that are links to Phoronix I'm going to firewall off your site and never visit again.

How about you link to the real source (mailing lists, official Debian website) instead of sending traffic to Michael Larabel's bullshit ramblings about LOONIX NEWS that he can't even properly comprehend let alone summarize 95% of the time.

Comment Re:will they kill the patch/reboot/patch/reboot cy (Score 1) 199

Unix systems gladly replace system libraries that are in use, and just hope that not problems happen because two different versions of the same library are in use simultaneously. The further away from the core libraries you get, the lower the odds of a problem, but it's still a risk. The Unix approach is basically "Let's just go ahead and do it, it'll probably be ok."

Windows takes the safe approach of only updating libraries that are not in use. I'm sure you'd wind up with weird glitches if your apps were using multiple versions of GDI simultaneously. The Windows approach is "It may be ok to update this now, or it may not. Just to be safe, let's not update it until we can guarentee it's safe."

It is OK on Unix because that replaced library still exists in memory and can continue to be used by the programs ... running in memory!

Each new invocation of the programs that try to use that library will of course pick up the new version. It's not magic. I don't get why people can't grasp this.

Comment Re:Major Supplier does not want home based servers (Score 0, Troll) 165

Usually when you see a "demand" for NAT on ipv6 its people who don't understand the relationship between a statefull firewall and NAT, and they really are "demanding" their existing firewall minus the NAT part.

2 advantages of NAT beyond firewalling:

1) Apps know there's NAT, and cannot assume end-to-end connectivity. With IPv6, determining if there's end to end connectivity is much hardware because firewalls are transparent - you may be able to establish a partial link, but not a full one because the firewall lets some of the packets through.

Please tell me you don't have a job working with networks. Either programming or as a sysadmin/engineer. This problem was solved by people communicating across the internet before you were born.

There's only one advantage of NAT: reserving the IPv4 space. There are no others.

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