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Comment Re:Elsevier... (Score 1) 101

This is the future!

Bank of America modal dialog: "Your session has been destroyed for security purposes. Either you had two or more drinks, or your session has been hijacked (our IT guys say this happens from not upgrading your browser). Please login again and answer at least 3 security questions."

Eh, it wouldn't be that bad though. It would probably be more like the Wii Motion Plus...wanting to recalibrate every 3 minutes...

Comment It's plagiarism (Score 5, Informative) 166


Starting at page 7 is where it gets good...and definitely not explainable. It reminds me of the elementary school "We have zero tolerance for plagiarism. It's easy not to plagiarize! Change some verb forms, add a few prepositions, and reposition clauses!"

Comment Should have been triple-blind... (Score 5, Informative) 237

The patients did not know they were being monitored (blind.) The doctors/nurses who entered the charts didn't know their patients' data would be used for this research (double-blind.) The people who analyzed the data, however, had everything upfront to poll and draw whatever conclusions they were looking for. "Using a query into the EHR..." "A further query of this subset..." "For each hypnotic user, we attempted to identify two controls with no record of a hypnotic prescription..." Sounds like they need a triple-blind experimental design.

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