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Submission + - First biochemistry strategy game ever. (kickstarter.com) 2

DrStegman writes: Immune Defense is a new kind of game in a whole new game world. Using bio-molecular science as our starting point, the game developed into a unique RTS adventure.
Watch trailer: http://youtu.be/TEUaaHoPLYQ
Play demo: http://www.molecularjig.com/de...

Immune Defense is accurate molecular science. This fantasy world is real, happening inside of you each instant. Each chapter takes place in a 2.5 millimeter wide field in a different part of a human body.

You pilot a microbot around the field, buy white blood cells, change their receptors and move individual floating protein signals. The object is to kill all pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites...) before inflammation in your field gets too high.

Kickstarter ends January 25th.
Kickstarter website: www.ImmuneDefenseGame.com
At MAGFest Indie Game Showcase, January 24-25.

Comment Dealing with MSFT (Score 1) 308

It's good to see this happens to people other than Indie developers. Working with Microsoft to figure out how the promotion of Apps in the app store works is not easy. Microsoft makes the process difficult. I waited up to full month for an exclusive Windows Phone game I made, BouncyLasers, to go from submitted to approved on the market. I tried to join multiple Microsoft sponsored marketing campaigns with no feedback other than "your app has been submitted to the campaign". Sure my app isn't too impressive as I'm the single dev, but some more help from Microsoft on how their featuring in the Market process works or what to expect from submitting to one of their campaigns is badly needed.

Comment link to a Facebook page (Score 1) 259

I wanted to add a forum to my site. My requirements were a bit different than yours:
- I didn't care much about the look and feel integration.
- My focus was free and low maintenance.
- I don't have user account registering on my website, which lead to spam on the forums I tried,

I ended up with the website linking directly to a Facebook page I made for it. It looks a bit like a hack job, but one that has been working really well for me.

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