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EVE Online's Space Economy Currently Worth $18 Million 88

DavidGilbert99 writes: "According to Eyjólfur Guðmundsson, the lead economist of CCP Games, developer of EVE Online, the total amount of ISK (InterStellar Kredits) in the system at the moment is 600 trillion, which equates to about $18 million in real world money — and the economist believes we could learn a lot from how the economy works in the game. There was a massive battle within the game earlier this year, which CCP estimated destroyed between $300,000 and $330,000 worth of game materials. Guðmundsson said, 'In economics there is a big difference between consumption and loss. In EVE, the war is the consumption of the economy. Even though they are giving money away they are not losing value, they are gaining something instead. People were willing to spend that money [in the Battle of B-R5RB] to get this thrill of participating in this battle.'"

Verizon Charged Marine's Widow an Early Termination Fee 489

In a decision that was reversed as soon as someone with half a brain in their PR department learned about it, Verizon charged a widow a $350 early termination fee. After the death of her marine husband, Michaela Brummund decided to move back to her home town to be with her family. Verizon doesn't offer any coverage in the small town so Michaela tried to cancel her contract, only to be hit with an early termination fee. From the article: "'I called them to cancel. I told them the situation with my husband. I even said I would provide a death certificate,' Michaela said."

Dead Pigs Used To Investigate Ocean's "Dead Zones" 106

timothy writes "As places to study what happens to corpses, the Atlantic Ocean is both much larger and much more specialized than the famous 'body farm' in Knoxville, TN. But for all kinds of good reasons, sending human bodies into Davy Jones' locker just to see where they float and how they bloat is unpopular. Pigs don't pay taxes, and more importantly, they don't vote. So Canadian scientists have taken to using them as human-body proxies, to study what happens when creatures of similar size and hairlessness (aka, us) end up 86ed and in the drink."

Comment A Clockwork Orange (Score 5, Interesting) 721

from A Clockwork Orange:
Alex: No. No! NO! Stop it! Stop it, please! I beg you! This is sin! This is sin! This is sin! It's a sin, it's a sin, it's a sin!
Dr. Brodsky: Sin? What's all this about sin?
Alex: That! Using Ludwig van like that! He did no harm to anyone. Beethoven just wrote music!
Dr. Branom: Are you referring to the background score?
Alex: Yes.
Dr. Branom: You've heard Beethoven before?
Alex: Yes!
Dr. Brodsky: So, you're keen on music?
Alex: YES!
Dr. Brodsky: Can't be helped. Here's the punishment element perhaps.

Comment Homebrewing with oxygen (Score 5, Interesting) 334

As a homebrewer, I know that oxidation of beer can give it "cardboardy" flavors, so this technology is probably useless for beer.

I'm not sure how long oxidation needs to occur before the off flavors manifest though, so perhaps you could force-oxygenate at pour time.

Sounds like some experiments need to be done...

Comment Re:. . .and the issues are? (Score 2, Informative) 572

I can't answer my iPhone while wearing gloves. That's a glaring deficiency in my book because I wear gloves about 4 months of the year. Even then, I missed a week's worth of calls because the screen didn't register my swipe-to-answer. I'd be happy if I could just double-click the menu button to answer.

Have you looked at these gloves? They've got a little nub that lets you actually use your phone while wearing them.

Comment My X-25M had this problem (Score 1) 125

I had this problem with my X-25M yesterday. I updated the firmware, rebooted Windows 7 Ultimate, and everything was fine. Then I started playing around with AHCI mode on my motherboard (I had installed with Enhanced-IDE) in order to get instant-TRIM, and after that didn't work I switched back. Then the drive started getting SMART errors, so I switched around a few more times, and eventually SMART went away entirely, and the drive started showing up as a non-partitionable 7 MB drive. Intel gave me an RMA after getting my info (processor, motherboard, bios revision). I did make a backup beforehand though, because of the earlier intel bios snafu, so it really only cost me time and aggravation (and $11 shipping).

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