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Submission + - Finance introductory books for a mathematician? 1

feanor981 writes: I recently got a job position in a big bank and i'm trying to figure out where i'm. So i looked around for some books about economics and finance math, but everything seems designed from the economist's point of view.
I'm a computing engineer with a solid background in mathematics (or at least it used to be so few years ago): i've no problem with calculus, derivatives, probability and so on — but i really have few clues about stock trading, options, accounting principles, NPV etc.
Every book i found about financial mathematics or the like seems to concentrate be on the economist's side — e.g. they try to explain with great detail and care calculus or probability concepts, which to me is a no-brainer — while giving few clues about what's behind it (e.g. why math is used that way in a particular context).

Can someone direct me to good introductory books to financial and economical mathematics from "the mathematician point of view"?

Comment Re:Let me be the first one to say it ... (Score 1) 1870

I guess the opposite it's more true: "Where do we have a right to prevent someone to copy anything?".

If you want something not to be copied, you simply do not release it to the public.

Copyright is not a natural right, but a granted law monopoly, in fact originally designed to favour spreading of information; nowadays it's used to the opposite.


Submission + - Italian government draft law for Web-censorship (beppegrillo.it) 1

feanor981 writes: Italian government, led by a leftist coalition, proposed a draft law (complete text here, in italian) that would virtually enable complete censorship of every web site and blog, also non-commercial one, by means of heavy bureaucratic requirements on every content published to the Web.

The law proposal suspiciously comes after harsh criticism received by italian political establishment in a mass-protest laid out in Italy in September, 8 called "V-Day", entirely organized through the web by cyber-activists.

Mass media, mainly controlled or influenced by italian political leaders (RAI, the state television controlled by the government, has about 50% share, while about the other half is held by Mediaset, property of past-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, leaving just breadcrumbs to third-party tvs), are silently ignoring the law draft without reporting anything about it.

Read the whole story here (in english).

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