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Submission + - Best Buy sells 2TB drive box with 60Gig inside 1

fdisk3hs writes: I posted today to the Best Buy forums about my recent hard drive purchase at one of their local stores. My wife bought a 2TB Seagate SATA drive for me as a gift. Today I took the day off work while our new furnace was being installed at the house, and thought it was a good time to install my new drive. I cut the cellophane and the circular sticker off of the flap of the box, and opened it. Inside was an anti-static bag with a sticker across the opening. I tore the sticker and pulled out — a 60GB IDE drive with an Apple logo on it. Somewhere in the world a G4 iMac is missing it's drive.
I took the receipt and everything back to the store, where the manager said that he had never seen that before, and that he was not going to exchange or refund it. He suggested that I call Seagate or 888-Best-Buy.
Apparently I am just another statistic.

Comment Re:If they can do it for him (Score 1) 191

If anyone is interested in helping out, there is the talklock project. I started it a little over a year ago to do voice encryption for Blackberries, and as many mobile Java devices as possible.

Most of the pieces are there now, but it is not complete. There are screenshots available and it is GPL.

It can record audio and play audio, and send and receive audio from a web server. I even hacked together a shell script on my Mac to listen to the audio so I could test the code with only one phone :)

I agree, this technology is too important to wait for, we should develop it ourselves! Then it can't be taken away from us.

Submission + - talktotl1: project submitted to sourceforge (

SF:ldso writes: I have submitted a project to sourceforge. talktotl1 lets you monitor Cisco 15454 alarms from Nagios. It is a plugin that communicates with 15454s via telnet using the TL1 interface. The plugin is stable quality and has been in production for some time.

Comment Re:Kung Fool (Score 1) 253

And yet, you come across as nerdier than the nerds. Comic book guy from the Simpsons.

I don't care for martial arts, but I do enjoy marital arts.

Also I have guns. They work well for slow-moving lazy bastards like me, without all that exercise nonsense involved with martial arts.

Comment An actual comment about the fucking book (Score 1) 253

So while you are all jerking yourselves off, I actually "thought" when reading this review. Two thoughts boiled to the top.
First, the reviewer needs to get over the randomly ordered tip thing. They did it on purpose, it's random. Next.
Second, when you rm a file in Ubuntu now, it goes to the trash can? Is that right? Because if that's true, that is like the horror, the horror. Making Linux do brain-dead shit like that will kill it.
Third, I'm not sure how useful the part of the book about gconf would be. In reality, the desktop folks need to get over themselves. NetworkManager is a broken piece of shit, network connectivity has nothing to do with runlevel 5. A box is a box, you can do everything you need to do without GNOME or KDE. Personally, I'm glad Red Hat still has linuxconf.
Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time.

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