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Comment Re:Lack of Planning (Score 1) 496

It is ridiculous to think that a company has the **responsibility** to provide training for their workforce, let alone training people who aren't qualified yet in order to become their workforce. No. That would be a desperation move by a company, should the normal competitive pressures fail to motivate people to get themselves trained.

Comment Re:Apples-Oranges (Score 1) 760

"Why don't we just require everyone to get drug tested before they can receive any government benefits of any sort?"

Thus the distinction between net contributors vs. net beneficiaries. (Otherwise, anyone who happens to receive a $0.01 cheque from the government could be made to be covered.)

"see whether you find [a drug test] a humiliating experience or not."

Oh I'm sure it's a humiliating feeling, even though that's not the intent. So is being forced to pay gajillions in taxes, feel it unfair, then being accused of childish selfishness etc.

Comment Re:Apples-Oranges (Score 1) 760

You see drug testing as needless humiliation. But as I understand it, the purpose of these programs is not to humiliate - it is to help establish actual need. The theory would be that if a poor person can afford to throw money away on drugs or other such gratuitous stuff, then they didn't need quite as much money from the treasury to begin with. That's intuitive enough.

Comment Re:Apples-Oranges (Score 1) 760

"If instead of letting rich people claim a tax deduction we instead made it a credit, would you then support a drug test as a condition for getting it?"

I don't know. But if I had to, I'd probably draw the line closer to the dividing line between being a net contributor to vs. net beneficiary of the common treasury.

Comment Re:Apples-Oranges (Score 0) 760

"The money paid was not "one's own" to begin with, that share always rightfully belonged to the government as a special shareholder in the enterprise."

Do you call yourself "slave" when you're alone?

"By definition that money rightfully belongs to the welfare recipient."

Do you call yourself "slave to welfare recipients" when you're alone?

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