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Submission + - Why Google Stores Billions of Lines of Code in a Single Repository (acm.org)

An anonymous reader writes: Google proves that distributed version control systems can't replace centralized ones. The centralized approach to source control has served Google well for more than 16 years, and today the vast majority of Google's software assets continues to be stored in a single, shared repository.

The Google codebase includes approximately one billion files and has a history of approximately 35 million commits spanning Google's entire 18-year existence. The repository contains 86TB of data, including approximately two billion lines of code in nine million unique source files.

Submission + - SPAM: Ransomware: Can We Finally Start Learning From Past Mistakes?

Orome1 writes: Coming fast and furious behind news stories are the sales pitches, blog posts, and press releases from security vendors and consulting firms on how their latest and greatest solution will prevent your organization from falling victim to attacks. But, if we examine the most prevalent attacks, there is really nothing new or sophisticated about them. Ransomware attacks and BEC scams are mostly the result of phishing attacks. So, despite the evidence that we are not learning from our mistakes and following the basic requirements to protect our data and systems, we are constantly distracted by new security solutions. Ransomware is not an indication of how attackers have become more sophisticated but a reflection of how we have failed as an industry to effectively implement basic security controls.
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Comment Re:1and1.com and Linode (Score 1) 295

I also have had 1 and 1 for well over 10 years, and have never had a problem. And, I have also never missed a payment. My credit card did expire one me one year. They sent me an email informing they had tried to bill me and couldn't, and gave me a bit of a grace period (a week I think). I paid it immediately and never lost service. Now, I hardly do anything on there any more, it's all static crap except for my step-father's business site. Well, that's pretty static too but doesn't quite fall into the "crap" category. The only other service I have experience with is GoDaddy, and that was just to help a friend who had hosted there. The problems I had there were in no way GoDaddy's fault, so I would think you will be safe there as well. If it is just a simple site to have some content out there, I'd say you have plenty of options and just need to pick one. Now, once you get into running your own servers and such, best to listen to these fine Slashdot folks and then do some more homework on your own.

Comment Start with RSS (Score 1) 361

What I do if I find a site that might be interesting is subscribe to their RSS feed, that is free. All you get is a summary, but after hitting it for a few days/weeks/months I get a feel for if the subject matter will keep me interested. It's certainly not fool proof, but help weed out some places. For instance, I am doing this right now with Rivals.com. I am thinking about subscribing to get more in-depth news about my Iowa Hawkeyes. But I want to see how they spread the news across the different sports, as I am mainly interested in football and basketball. I have done this to help select some sites (pay sites and free sites), as well as weed out sites that sounded good or maybe had one interesting article, but then turned out to be mostly crap.

Comment Re:Accenture? (Score 3, Insightful) 284

I can only speak from personal experience, but to me the big difference is that IBM is at least technically competent. I guess as an opponent of Obamacare I should be happy, as this will undoubtedly allow the problems to continue. But I feel for the people that may be depending/hoping for this to come together. Accenture? Really?

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