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Comment I love radiohead (Score 2) 301

You know, I really love Radiohead. Back when the RIAA started getting all hot in the pants about mp3s, Radiohead release their new album for free on their site. You simply went to the site and downloaded it, with the option of donating. Now this... Thom, and the rest of Radiohead have my respect.

Comment BS (Score 1) 275

This makes no sense. What difference would it make if the UN controlled the internet? They would be just as oblivious to what the NSA Was doing as everyone else. The problem here was that corporations were pressured to add the little black box to their network. Example: The US has no control over the internet in other countries... the hosting country does... But yet... Their governments AND corporations played ball with the NSA. Sounds like you need to focus on your own government instead of making a bullshit scape goat story to try and push your political agenda Putin.

Comment Re:holy crap (Score 1) 254

I 100% agree with you. Why are we letting these idiots make decisions that utilize tax payer money when they clearly have no real understanding of how the systems work. Why is it that all these asshats that call themselves management end up getting to make technical decisions!?

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