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Comment Mafia:Live is pretty addictive (Score 1) 205

join my family, 195 064 788

it's pretty cool attacking someone who has 70+ hotdog stands, if they lose the fight and I get 500k+. It reminds my of what it was like to play Legend of The Red Dragon back in the day.

Other than that, I'd say the article is spot on. Downloaded a ton of stuff only to never be used again. Thank goodness for the free stuff.

Submission + - Finding a Wii shouldn't come from an ebook (darkmessiah.com)

fawzma writes: "Trying to find a Wii? Thinking about buying an ebook? Well stop the madness, here are some friendly tips on nabbing yourself a Wii this Christmas. And it won't cost you a dime, but maybe your time. The most important thing to rememeber is to not be afraid to ask."
Wireless (Apple)

Submission + - Apple's screwing you in the fine print (blogspot.com)

inkedgeek writes: All the info in the fine print of Apple's iPhone agreement, including charging extra for transfering files over 300k or texting overseas. AT&T and Apple also aren't supporting attachments with its current email service. They also mimic cable companies concept of unlimited actually having a limit. Connections to Wi-Fi are only allowed 150 times. As a special treat they charge you even if the call doesn't go through.

Submission + - Linux free phone project Openmoko in troubles?

bain_online writes: "The lead developer at Openmoko project Herald Welte has this blog entry to show the status of the project.
From the entry "If you want a status update on OpenMoko: I'm at a point where I won't go to the office again because I know the agression inside myself will tusufrn into physically hurting someone there."
His previous post was little more optimistic though. The project is apparently suffering from a lot of managerial problems.Progress on technical fronts, especially the software aspect of OpenMoko is slow.
OpenMoko is a first free software mobile stack being developed under sponsership from FIC. The first device it is suppose to support, is Neo1973, which some people compare to iPhone."

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