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Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 615

I can provide some evidence which disagrees. I will note I haven't research further to see if it's factually correct, but if it helps it was written by an ex Canadian cabinet minister in the federal government.

In this article, he claims:

The major stumbling block to getting this dreadful policy reversed was the European commissioner for climate action. It amazed me that one unelected official had such inordinate power in a union of over half-a-billion people. As a result of extensive lobbying and the presentation of a supportive scientific study, the FQD was finally scrapped — but only after the commissioner retired.

For those who don't want to read further, it was a policy which specifically affected oil exports from Canada at the time, and working in the industry I do know he is truthful there - the policy was based on claims from environmental activists which simply weren't true.

Comment Re:Maybe, but maybe not (Score 1) 334

Niche market? Maybe, if niche means "haven't discovered/tried it yet". I'm not a big traveller, ad just got back from a rare trip to a couple different countries. It most definitely IS a better solution to short term private rides; I'm a total Uber convert now. The best part, what you miss above, is that you don't need to worry about payment with the driver - all handled already. Not only that, but the safety of knowing who the driver is and the vehicle type... well, I could go on, but if you really think your above points are good arguments, you should give Uber a try.

Comment Re:Ice Caps (Score 1) 481

But what is exactly so alarming about this? We're talking ice that remains frozen ALL YEAR ROUND here.. I have no doubts most people commenting here have no idea how cold this planet really is and live in warm climates. f anyone here realistically thinks we're in danger of having a unbearably hot climate in anywhere but small portions of the planet, I have some bridges to sell you.

Comment Re:We could never trust government (Score 1) 460

I've seen all the episodes where Trump has clashed with the media over what the "truth" is, though unfortunately I didn't know enough about most issues to determine who's telling the truth.

Then came along an instance I did have some education/background in: hacking. I saw the media reports of "Russia hacking the election", and Trump's responses that there was no proof. You know what? Trump was spot on - the FBI report was garbage and the way the media was interpreting it showed just a plain lack of analysis/intellect on their part. So who is presenting "alternative facts"?

Comment Re:But renewables are cheaper than fossil fuels (Score 1) 333

Nice rant, you almost make it sound like reasonable alternatives exist for a majority of our fossil fuel uses. Tell me, what energy source to power airplanes is just around the corner so we can stop investing in extracting fossil fuels?

And despite what you think, electric cars are just not viable yet for a significant part of the population. Maybe if you live and drive all the time in warm California, but the rest of the country is damn cold. The most pretentious ones yet will do a short road trip in July northward the loudly proclaim you can drive them anywhere. Once the actual cheaper and cleaner energy is here, great, and let's keep looking for it. Until then, we still need investment in fossil fuels.

Comment Re:Start the clock (Score -1, Troll) 267

Why make this discussion worse and label smart people who question the impact of this as deniers, or worse?

Elsewhere in the thread someone says you can't dismiss the historical measurement adjustments (that make the warming trend seem larger) without examining those adjustments to see if they're correct. Shit, I have a science degree and I'm not prepared to do that. Sure, someone else probably has and there's more for me to read, but anyone not thoroughly obsessed with reading about climate science isn't going to know those or care to read about them. It;s complex stuff.

Why does this matter? Let's face it - the impacts of this to date are INVISIBLE. We're talking sub-degree temperature variations per year. I don't hear Africans complaining it's too hot, and if you didn't notice, we live on a very cold planet, and the vast majority of land mass suffers from long, cold winters. I don't care how much CO2 the atmosphere has, a large portion of our land isn't getting more than a few hours of sunlight per day for six months of the year, and that's the dominant temperature impact. All I hear is celebrities, Californians, Vancouverites, and other hippies screaming about a problem nobody can see or cares to dig into the volume of science that "explains" it.

Comment Re: But why? (Score -1, Flamebait) 336

Funny how people are more willing to work as wage slaves in shitty jobs that destroy the environment than they are willing to just accept a little help from the government.

In a heartbeat. I'd rather slave all day in a mine to earn a living than accept free handouts from the government (which are ultimately taken from someone else). And I have a feeling the world, and particularly the US, would be a much better place if this were the case.

Thankfully, I think you are the minority if you prefer to live off someone else's money and work. For a good example, read up on history of the Great Depression and how people were desperate for any kind of work to avoid being "on the dole".

Comment Re: human race wiped out? (Score 1) 364

All those folks in California so scared about the earth getting warmer (they seem overly scared about everything these days), don't realize just how cold our planet is. Where I live, it's been below freezing for months and largely will be until next May.

In fact, last week, it was colder here than on Mars and parts of an asteroid belt.

We have a long, long way to go to being a warm planet.

Comment Re:Ob. xkcd (Score 1) 978

Fair enough, but this principle is not evenly applied in our society. It's ok for the insurance company to charge me higher premiums because I'm a male, but it's illegal to not rent your apartment to a black person (and you can easily produce statistics that a black person is more likely to be convicted of a crime). Extreme examples, yes, but there are many more.

Comment Re:Is this from The Onion? (Score 1) 284

I'll tell you what I do understand - I don't trust the UN or the politicians involved one damned bit. When this is being run by an organization so political it refuses to authorize journalists who don't subscribe to their group think, and the ultimate goal is to figure out how deep they can reach into your wallet, people ARE IN THE RIGHT to be skeptical of this. When you call people stupid and stand on your high horse, they end up voting for Trump because personally, Trump seems a far better choice than standing with these self-righteous douchebags.

The reporting organization linked above is definitely a "right wing" publication that has been critical of climate change based tax regimes. I don't agree with most of what they say, but when people won't stand up or protect their right to say it, those people have lost their principles anyway, so best case is they're not the ones to listen to in solving this problem.

Comment Re:Numbers (Score 1) 426

Yes, tax your high wage earners into oblivion for earning and consuming, the foundation of what people consider quality of life. The group that includes a few very rich people but mostly your well trained specialists, experts, small business owners and investors, and watch them flee to another country. Sorry, you need to be more competitive in your tax regime, the world is too mobile now.

Your utopia of controlling what people earn is a bad idea.

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