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Comment Sample of one... (Score 1) 210

Since getting a fitness tracker & scales (fitbit in my case) I lost 18kgs (just shy of 40lbs for our 'merkin friends) in 10 months, and have kept that weight off for more than a year. I do NOT attribute this to the devices, but to a change in diet & activity levels. The tracker & scales did provide targets, and maybe some motivation to keep hitting targets. In my case, 15,000 steps, 10km's & 60 minutes activity a day.

It may now be time to change my username :-)


Comment Re:These idiots are going to ruin it for everyone (Score 1) 132

It's not like sitting in the aircraft, and even pilots sitting in the aircraft miss other aircraft now and then. .

Miss them all the time! Aircraft are small and the sky REALLY big! I've had warnings from ATC about aircraft on a converging path at the same (reported - probably uncalibrated transponders) altitude, and even though I'm sitting in a low-wing bubble-canopied aircraft (so great vis) did not see a single one! Not a peep on the radio from the other aircraft either - bloody scary!

Comment Re:Customers in the east (Score 1) 141

I was talking about timezones to a friend of a friend in Singapore, working there for an Investment Bank. 49.5%, and growing, of all revenue in the bank came from AsiaPac and this guy was saying that he couldn't wait till it ticked over the 50% mark - coz then the teleconferences are in my timezone!

Comment Re:So here's my question (Score 1) 433

The reason that the terrorists hide amongst civilians is threefold: 1) they know we're (supposedly) reluctant to target civilians; 2) they want to hide their identity from us, and from everyone else; and 3) they want to intimidate their innocent countrymen (Don't rat us out or we'll kill you and your family).

4) They are the civilians

Comment Re:Annuals (Score 1) 239

2 to 3 knots above stall is VERY dangerous. The usual formula is 1.3 x stall speed, so if your stall speed is 40knots, your approach speed should be 52knots. This provides enough leeway for low-level wind shear, and the extra speed contributes to control responsiveness - at stall your controls are FAR less effective than at speed. Landing at 2 knots over stall speed, if your wheels are 10mm off the runway would indeed make for a light and smooth landing - if you're at 10 meters then your landing will be anything but smooth.

Comment Lots of cancellations! (Score 1) 264

I've had a bad run of cancellations lately, with 4 cross-country flights cancelled due to weather, however, that was my decision as I fly myself in my own plane. It seems that every time I plan a flight the weather turns to mush, with either turbulence (not good in a light aircraft) or visibility not past the end of the runway! The one good day lately I took the day off work, dragged the plane out, and because I hadn't flown for so long the plane wouldn't start. Sods law I guess. One saying that I distincly remember from my training is that 'takeoff is optional'!

Comment Re:pitot probe failure most likely cause. (Score 1) 156

Very true, which is why Human Factors is stressed in flight training now. The fraility of people is what causes failures, in any field of endeavour. Early in my flight training, doing solo cicuits, I was a little high so I pulled the throotle right back - the engine stopped (ever been in a powered-down datacentre - there is nothing so quiet!). I was halfway through thinking 'what the hell do I do now', when my instructors' voice ran through my head (like Obi-Wan), "Fly the aeroplane". I had 1,300 metres of runway in front of me, airspeed and attitude was good, so I just glided the aircraft in - restart and taxi off the runway. It was a great lesson for me.

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