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Comment Re:Why do they need to merge? (Score 1) 43

Windows biggest advantage is that it can rung Windows programs.
If all programs was made cross platform. Then a lot of people would not stay on Windows.
If all games could run on linux. Then most gamers would run Linux.
And if all office programs (MS Office, Adobe, What ever special program the company uses). Then company's would start switching away from Windows.

ChromeOS would be a good choice for some. But also many other Linux distros would be out there.

Comment I would still go to the theatres (Score 1) 341

25$ I need at least me and a friend watching it to make up the price.
50$ We need to be 4 persons.

And I live in Europe. So there would be some extra VAT and whatever. So if I'm lucky then we have to be between 3 and 6 people to make up for the price.
And then one of us have to invest in a good screen and sound system. .... If I already had the set up at home. Then I might have a movie night with some friends from time to time.
But at that price they wont loss many customers in the theatres here in Denmark.

But I can see if you live somewhere with bad movie theatres, or a long way the the nearest good one. Then it's a good alternative.
But then again. It's not a loss to the theatres. Because the changes was you would not had gone there anyway.

Comment Nice feature for the passenger. But hell for the c (Score 2) 74

It's nice to be able to see if your bag is on the plane.
But sometimes stuff happens and it wont get on your plane.

But I can just imagine how some passenger will react when they start push back. And they can see that there bag is not on the plane.

Nice feature for the passenger. But hell for the crew.

Comment Where are the Desktop client? (Score 2) 98

One thing I really like about Hangouts is that it has a Desktop client/Chrome Extension. Whatever you call it. I can chat on my computer without taking my phone out of my pocket.

A Quick look and it what I could see then there only a phone client. And you can only have it active on one device at the time. So no Tablet and Phone active at the same time. (I know that it runs on phone number. But you could just verify the new login with manual entering a code on the tablet/Desktop. Og even make it optional to link to your Google Account.)

Comment I see a future. But not that big a future (Score 1) 133

I can see VR for education purpose. Like see wonders of the world or look a engines/buildings/etc. without having one in the classroom.
It can not replace the real thing. But it will give people a better understanding when seeing it in 3D, and you can look around the object instead of just a flat picture in a text book.

AR. I can see some heads up display helpers. But to many and it will be to much of a distraction. So AR has to be very cheap for people want to buy them for so little use they will give.

But using the VR googles as personal display when traveling on a plane/bus/train/etc. will proppely be the most common use of the googles.

For gaming. I can see some use. (And I personally would get one for this). But again I thing it will go the way of Kinetic and Wii remote. It's a fun new gadget. But people don't want to move around that much. They just want to sit and relax with there game.

Comment We have two services like that in Denmark allready (Score 1) 69

We do not have Apple Pay og Android Pay. But we have MobilPay and Swipp that is tranfert money to other for free. Or use in stores (Stores has to pay a small fee. but less the to the CC company. But free for private persons)

MobilPay chage your debitcard and put the money in bank account (No fee for the Dankort Debit card) and Swipp is Bank account to Bank account.

And beside that people can use there bank app to transfer money. Bank to bank transfer in Denmark is free.

That said. The easy of just transferring in app is easy. And we can also request money. That the person you request from just have to accept to transfer.

Comment Re:I'm betting the full phase out will be delayed (Score 5, Informative) 208

Google announced in September 2013 that it would phase out NPAPI support in Chrome during 2014.
NPAPI support is disabled by default since April 2015 (version 42) for Windows and OS X, but can be turned on in the settings.
Google plans to drop Chrome NPAPI support from all platforms in September 2015.

I wont call 2 years warning aggressive. I would call it more then a fair warning.
And if web-apps or plug-in's are not up to modern standards by now. Then extending to time they have to fix it wont help. Because the only things that's not updated by now wont be as long as they do not have to.
Now they are being forced to do it. And it comes as a chock for some that they only got 2 years warning.

Comment Re:New news about Old software (Score 1) 92

In a few years all those old phones are upgraded and sold, and the owner wants them clean.

Android 4.4 The newest version that they did not test. Is from October 2013. And I know that OME's takes some time to switch to new versions of Android.
But lets say that the last was switch one year later. So October 2014. That makes the phone 8 month old by now. And it was not a High End device.

So in a few years. Then it's a really old device. So how would buy it?

I can understand people want to sell there old phone. But a old Smartphone is OLD!!! And you can get new low/mid range devices pretty cheap

Comment Re:Useless waste (Score 1) 17

And people will never fly. Or people will never go out in space. Or people will never go to the moon.

Just because we can't do it now then it dos not mean that it's impossible and we wont do it in the future.
And the more knowledge we get about space the closer we are to prove you wrong.

So knowledge is good. Even if it wont help us colonies the space in our life time. Then it can help future generations.

Comment Re:VR Demands Specialized Input Devices (Score 1) 124

1) My muscle memory knows where on the keyboard W,A,S,D are.

2) If you noticed then there are a physical marker on the F key and the J key on your keyboard. So that you can locate them and then knows where the rest of the keys are without looking at them.

So if you use a keyboard daily then you do not need to look at it to find and hit the right keys.

But yes if you start moving around in the room then you need some better controller then mouse and keyboard.
But most times people will play games sitting down. And then just turn there heads.

Comment It needs Root to work (Score 1) 118

As the article state it needs Root to do it.

And it do not say how you gets it.

So it's some code that need root access to mess with your phone.
So you properly just need to root your phone. And install an app that you have downloaded from some suspected webpage.
So is it a Trojan or just a feature from a rouge app/programmer?

Do not root your phone if you do not have any idea what you are doing and installing apps from every that you find.

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