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Submission + - Korea Reveals TMAX WINDOW 9 OS (sys-con.com)

FatButtLarry writes: "Today, July 7th, a South Korean software company TMaxSoft released a Win32 compatible desktop operating system. TMAX WINDOW (Not "Windows", but "WINDOW") is a proprietary Desktop Operating System claimed to be binary compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix.

The topic appeared on the Wine mailing list as a potential GPL violation, and there's also been discussion on the ReactOS boards. Although technical details of the OS are still quite a mystery, there are a few video demonstrations of TMax Window 9 on youtube. Videos show a very quick boot-time, a Windows-like boot logo, and have shortcuts for Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer (kind of) working "out of the box". Other features include TMax's own "Scouter" web browser and an Office Package that looks similar to OpenOffice.org from. Although any GPL violations are difficult to call at this point, the bold claim that the operating system's "micro kernel... ...[provides] 100% support for existing and future MS Windows applications..." is causing some speculation.

A fellow Linux and Wine user, I'm curious to see what's under the covers."

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