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Comment Does & Looks better then the Aussie OFLC Trash (Score 1) 53

Looks better and a lot less subtle with the bullshit that we get here in Australia. Apart from the fact there is no AO or 18+ Rating (This has being well documented previously), we now get HUGE coloured boxes on the bottom of the packaging that take up a great deal of the box, sometimes even hiding game art. They had a choice of making them as Subtle as the previous ones here in Australia which were of similar size to the ESRB ones, but they decided to make huge ones. Example G (Actual Size on Box, Occasionally Bigger If the box is bigger, as well as having to cover 20% of the screen on TV Ads.) PG M MA15+

They are just plain ridiculous, and some of the detail they go into, e.g "Science Fiction Violence" or "Heavy Gore". A lot of the time even due to the size, they are not just stickered on so you can have clean game boxes either free of this rubbish. Compared to what we get here, ESRB doesn't deserve to be criticised.

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