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Comment Re:"Liberty-Minded"? (Score 1) 701

I've seen it mostly mean a small group who makes a huge amount of noise to bully decisions into there desired direction. The biggest problem I've seen with the group is this crazy fixation of roundabouts. Typically in locations where the size of said roundabout smaller can causes issues for truckers and fire engins. Heck a few of them even had the police having accidents in them in the first week they opened.

Comment Re:Secret or PRIVATE? (Score 0) 154

These "secret" accounts are often using gmail, hotmail, yahoo, ect. They are often free accounts and in violation of laws are having government business discussed over them. If you remember Governor Palin was caught by a hacker who broke into her account and exposed that she was bypassing the legal requirement for a paper trail that the states IT group was obligated to provide when ordered.

The big issue is when you take a goverment job everything you do that pertains to that job must be within the government email system. That includes invites from colleges who were once just your friend as well as communications with any and all potential lobbyists. Its similar to the idea that all police officers should expect and accept to be recorded while they are on duty.

Comment Re:USB To Serial (Score 1) 212

Those often run into problems. Often when using those I have had to fiddle with settings. Some software has limitations as to which port the device needs to be plugged into. Yes you can reroute but thats part of the fiddling. Getting a stack of old laptops with rs232 ports has always been the most reliable way I have found. Sadly ensuring you have enough to last the life of the device your communicating with can be an issue.

Comment Re:What's there to dispute? (Score 1) 381

Please look up the definition of bias. Your using it wrong. What we have made is assumptions based on the knowledge that a users id length is relevant to the order in which users joined the site. If memory serves correctly with a very limited set of exception involving a hand full of 4 and 5 digit id's that were auctioned off some years back.

A bias comment would be stating that all Anonymous Cowards are trolls when in fact many are people who for one reason or another dont feel like creating an account or signing into there account.

Comment Re:What's there to dispute? (Score 1) 381

I have had domains for private services such as databases(accepts request only from a list of IP's), file servers, and messaging services. I also use them for dynamic addresses.

My general rule of thumb as far as user id's: If your id is higher then mine I will give you toss it up to the member being young and ignorant about a topic when they overlook something simple. If there id is lower then mine they should be at least my age, and have a decent background on technology and its history as they lived it.

Comment Re:What's there to dispute? (Score 1, Insightful) 381

just because port the base domain or port 80 goes to a parked page does not mean the domain is not in use. Before claiming that someone is not using the domain please at least check the DNS and MX records. Your ID is low enough where you should know web pages are no the only use for a domain.

Comment Re:Fourth Amendment (Score 1) 457

Technically incorrect. If what you said is true then anything you placed inside a bank locker would be subject to the same searches. The manner you pay a company for services matters not.

People so readily try to throw out amendments because technology has changed when in reality an email would fall under the class of papers because papers are documents emails are electronic documents and your computer or cloud service is the filing cabinet or vault you store them in.

That being said, I do not like the services people describe as the cloud as its just a new marketing term to cover a type of service that has existed for years without any legal confusion until it became wide spread for consumers and took on the name cloud.

Comment Re:BlackBerry approved same as Knox (Score 2) 49

I wouldn't have much of an issue with having to compete when the available number went from 600,000 to 8,000,000. That provides 7,400,000 new potential sales and IT staff that are more friendly to BlackBerry due to the management ability they have over them compared to Android and iPhone devices without third party software. You dont actually think each user gets to pick which device they are going to use do you?

Comment Re:curious combination of issues (Score 2, Interesting) 32

Its also possible to argue that the two posts are very related in regards to wanting to keep gun rights in our contry and not wanting the US spending resources to support other countries. Sounds like some one from a group like the tea party. The term terrorist for the Syrian rebellion is most likely intended to shame the US gov. As we all know one mans terrorist is another mans patriot. The choice of term patriot, rebel, terrorist, etc is a psychological game.

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