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Comment Re:Simple... (Score 1) 376

I agree and disagree with you. Most of the companies out there offer some sort of tuition reimbursement and or certification payment. 99.9% of the companies out there value multiple skills. They're all looking for good people to fit the jobs they need, If they're going to pay for you to go to school then do it. Learn accounting then apply that to your life, then ask your boss about your department/team/group's budget and what it entails.

Take advantage of every opportunity given to you. Learn management after that so you can apply your accounting learned skills to that. Meet people...other IT, the people in Customer Service, the people that work the Help Desk, the Sales Managers.

Ask them what their issues are in an overall point. These are the people that you support. Most people in IT don't understand that their job is to support all those people.

. IT is the only department that is an expense in every company.

The rest of the departments (sales, CSR, HR, Admin) their jobs are to either save money or produce money so they can pay for IT. IT is the most expensive part of any company. Learn how everything you touch/fix/look at/processes in the company works.

Smile, ask questions about the direction of the company of managers. Soak it all up. Continue what you're doing coding wise but but understand that if you do all the above you will me noticed, promoted and your opinion asked.

Work hard, pay attention to more than what you do, offer suggestions, take advantage of the benefits especially the tuition reimbursement and keep moving towards greater things.

Comment Re:Click the Contact Supplier button (Score 1) 178

The name of the supplier is right above the Contact Supplier button. That can be searched on. I hope your irrational "internet tough guy" persona works out well for you in real life. Also, "douchefuck" makes no sense. Am I fucking a bottle of douche? Is it fucking me? Do you actually know what douche means?

Comment Re:Not saying it's right but I understand (Score 1) 706

I don't vote for someone to go to D.C. and compromise. I vote for them to go there and represent me hence the reason we're a representative republic. The House has passed over 400 bills that are sitting in Harry Reid's drawer never to be voted on in the Senate. Who is the obstructionist?

Comment Re:Can we quit publishing about the IPCC? (Score 0) 695

The IPCC was set up in 1988 to assess global warming and its impacts

Let me fix that for you, The IPCC was setup in 1988 by a bunch of failed scientists who were unable to suck from the government teat of taxpayer money without some kind of scary theory.

It is always about the money.

Comment Re:Why stop at Broadband? (Score 1) 262

A few handouts? Really?

Also there was no racism in his comment. Freeloaders have no race. Let's make a list, free housing, free food, free schooling, free food at those schools, free phones, subsidies that cover their utilities, free clothes, free free free money. Lots of free money. Money that comes directly out of your pocket.

And you outed yourself with this " few handouts in order to get themselves up to the standards that the rest of the country is able to provide for themselves, despite a lack of preferential treatment."

Able to provide for themselves because they work hard to better themselves, see above.

Part of me hopes you're being sarcastic, the other part hopes you aren't this naive.

Comment Re:Gabe Newell is perhaps the biggest driver of th (Score 2) 77

Why don't you go bitch at Nintendo and Sony for never forcing the companies that make games for their platforms to make Linux ones. Why is it always Microsoft's fault. Microsoft makes an OS, they spend a lot of time (like Nintendo and Sony) making SDK's that other "game development companies" use to "create games" that people want to play. Go scream at Rockstar Games, see where that gets you.

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