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Comment Re: These wackos are cows with guns (Score 1) 771

It's all a conspiracy. You're a troll on the Russian payroll, tasked to create chaos. I'm a monarchist pretending to be a confused bleeding-heart liberal to create chaos. Obama of course is a lizard pretending to be a muslim pretending to be an American, all the better to create chaos. Or maybe you're just nuts.

Comment Clearly honest. (Score 1) 531

It seems to me this is a very honest comment from Obama, surprisingly unvetted for a US president. Why? Simply because he does a piss-poor job of calling anyone to action here. This is a lamentation, and it seems Obama genuinely has no idea how to deal with the problem he's describing. I feel I should note, in this context, that my username is derived from a Sam&Max quote, and does not reflect my political views. I sympathize with Obama's frustration, but am worried that he and his cohort (much like me) seem unable to do anything about it other than complain.

Comment Re:Didn't (Score 2) 286

I've got my tinfoil hat on tight, so it's baseless speculation time: How do we know Apple didn't help them? They could have just done the court dance to keep up appearances, and help the Feds out on the sly. Win-win: Apple keeps their users happy and even gains extra points for standing up to the government, and they keep up good relations with the Feds.

Comment Re:unworkable (Score 1) 163

So this would raise the cost of selling rhino horns by forcing buyers to have every piece checked, right? Not that I'm sure this is a great idea: If the horns are similar enough to pass for real horns in some meaningful sense, then won't it be easier to hide real horns among legal, fake horns?

Comment Re:This was no AP. (Score 4, Insightful) 339

Which I guess is the major strategy of Al Qa'e'da - asymmetrical attacks Per Osama Bin Laden, their goal is to bankrupt the USA. They seem to have achieved a pretty good ROI if the returns are counted as dollars spend by the US fighting Al Qaeda. They don't even need to do anything these days, just having their name mentioned can cause costly countermeasures to kick in.

Comment Re:Do No Evil so why not delete the info? (Score 2) 138

say, you're actively committing fraud, by claiming that you're a doctor of alien sciences or some bullshit like that. should you be able to remove all criticism about your "alien artifact healing technology" or not?

should some random dude be able to remove _my_ information that I _want_ to be available?

To the first, I don't believe that is the kind of information Google is required to remove. To the second, Google requires verification of ID as part of the removal process.

Don't get me wrong, I think asking search engines to forget publically available data is censorship, and it seems like it must cost Google quite a bit to comply with such requirements. Still, let's at least criticize this development for what it is, not for what it might be in bizarro-world.

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