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Comment Re:I have your conversion right here... (Score 1) 860

But but the company I work for is still running Cobol Code from the 70's so why in hell should I replace software that works and that I know the good/bad and ugly about? Furthermore, I don't like the looks of the new versions - god damn idiot devs, chaning things around just for the sake of change.

Comment Re:Kinda funny (Score 1) 392

if the system has a valid Win7 key, you don't need to use a pirated copy. Just grab a legal set of ISO's from Digital River with SP1 included and go from there. Yep, MS got smart on Win7 and allow you to activate by simply changing the product key during activation so any media can be used to install and if you do grab the images, you only need the 32 and 64 bit ones along with the MS USB/DVD Download Tool to place em on a flash drive. Once their, strip the god damn ei.cfg file and you now have a menu for Basic, Premium, Pro and Ultimate. Easy and done.

Comment Carbon Offsets and Reductions (Score 1) 374

We need to develop extremely high strenght carbon fibers not only for a Space Elevator but for vehicles and such because it's a great way to offset all of the extra carbon being released. Hell if we can use enough of the free carbon, we can cool the earth and gain quite a bit of arable land back from the oceans plus with a quad set of Elevators and a connecting ring, we could move most if not all of our farming to orbit. Lots of possibilities there and I would love to see such before I release my keyboard/mouse from my cold dead hands.

Comment Re:Misdirected ham (Score 1) 129

Facebook! I was getting notice about posts to my wall for several weeks before I reset the PW (never signed up before then). Think Facebook spammed me enough to get me to actually sign-up except I didn't sign up other then to change the profile and reset the pw. Worked quite well as I have never gave em any information and I now block all facebook crap in my Hosts file with anything from facebook going right into the trash for my gmail account.

Comment Good Premise - Bad Assumptions (Score 1) 888

The first assumption made is that we're anywhere's near a Star Trek style Post Scarcity economy and I can sure as hell say we're not. The key reason is that to reach a Post Scarcity Economy, Corporatism and Consumerism both have to die. Until that happens, we will never be in a post scarcity world as the corporations will not allow such a thing to happen.

Comment Re:Confusion (Score 1) 182

and this is why I refuse to upgrade FF beyond 10 - that's high enough as I sure as hell don't need it to go to 11. What's interesting is that the one and only security hole in 10 is still open in the latest fucking version. Makes me wonder what the fucking devs are doing that they can't/haven't patched the first hole yet they're now up to 24 and trying to keep up with Googles insane numbering.

FF10 with Noscript solves the fucking security hole (Jscript based) so I see little advantage to using the latest and so called greatest when they're continually taking features away from the user. Hell from what I'm seeing on the latest version (couple of family members using it) I'm not impressed as they're looking more inrelevent each and every upgrade with stripped UI features. Fuck that crap. I want my status bar, home button, download manager and everything else that was useable when I started using FF.

Comment Re:Typo/misread? (Score 1) 625

considering the fact that Astrology is the basis for much of Astronomy, I'd have to agree with the statement that "Astrology is sciencetific" . Sure we don't agree with many of the conclusions but after some in depth reading over the years, it's as reasonable of a science as most of Astronomy in general as most of that involves simply sky watching/searching (makes it open to hobbyists). Astrology though reguires a pretty high degree of compentcy in Math through Algebra. Sure there is software to ease the burden along with calculators designed/programmend with common algorythms but you still have to have a decent math background to even use the tools as most Astrologers don't believe in simply plugging shit into a computer and getting an answer w/o effort.

Comment Re:So Long Debian! (Score 1) 379

Looks like the MS Embrace/Extend/Extinguish is reaching the End-Game since SystemD is exactly that. Who will pay the Piper in the future? Thankfully not I as I didn't call them in but now I'm down to a single Open Source OS - BSD as Linux has screwed the pooch.

Can't stand Apple and Sure as hell don't care for the crap called Win8. Guess I need to dive into BSD again and start learning how to use it.

Comment Re:I see a lot of discussion about systemd (Score 3, Interesting) 379

I'm an old school user and absolutely hate SystemD because it absolutely violates the LFSH standard by requiring /usr to be part of the root file system. This is the primary complaint against SystemD in regards to the Gentoo community and I'm sorry to see that Debian has fallen for breaking the KISS principle.

Comment Re:I see a lot of discussion about systemd (Score 1) 379

Very valid point about the boot speed obsession. If I'm running Linux, I simply don't give a damn about boot speed because I don't have to boot but once a year. If WIndows didn't push out updates every fucking month (nor require them) I'd not have to reboot but when the power goes out for more then a couple of hours as my battery backup offers 3+ hours of standby time when system goes into S5 mode.

One of the damn reasons I don't like SystemD is the monolithic design. Simply put, the fucking idiots are pushing a Windows style boot instead of a minimal boot that SystemV-init followed. Totally against the KISS principles.

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