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Comment Re:Fascism Can't Last Forever, Baby (Score 1) 332

No, fascism is the integration of economic (corporate) and government power.

Which is exactly what happens in the libertarian dream state. What happens when education, infrastructure development and upkeep, all phases of law and order (everything from citations to trials to executions), lawmaking, and even war are all functions of corporations? You end up stuck with extreme power concentration, held by people who can never be removed from power - which is of course fascism.

Keep these separate, as is probably Point #1 of Libertarians, and you don't have a problem.

Maybe in some other country the libertarians want to keep the powers of corporations and governments separate. Here they want them together more than anything.

Comment Re:Fascism Can't Last Forever, Baby (Score 1) 332

Fascism is simply the extreme concentration of power. There hasn't been a candidate so openly campaigning for that as Ron Paul in a very, very long time. He has openly campaigned for principles that are well beyond the balances established by the constitution, in the interest of concentrating insane amounts of power in the hands of very few. He just puts a veneer of "freedom" on it to give it a happy face while oppressing far more people than he is "liberating". If the policies he has worked so hard to push ever came to fruition, more people would suddenly find themselves far less free and far less mobile than ever before.

Comment Fascism Can't Last Forever, Baby (Score 1, Troll) 332

Thankfully, that is. A lot of people - particular those who seem to think that a certain candidate in this race is some sort of anarchist alternative - don't realize how close we are to electing a fascist leader (or how much they might be helping that person to be elected). We have seen fascism get a lot of positive free press here on slashdot before when being paraded about as something other than what it really is. Thankfully fascist regimes always get toppled in the end, there just is no guarantee who will be around long enough to see that end.

Comment Re:Yes you are (Score 1) 1092

Indeed roman's fascism would embrace killing or enslaving a large portion of the population. He is tragically too shortsighted though to realize that in so doing he will dramatically reduce demand for his own work, and end up begging for scraps as well. His religion has told him that, beyond all reason and logic, he will some how be able to avoid this fate simply by virtue of his faith.
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Journal Journal: ISIS opens the door to fascism (come get some!)

Some people have been placing bets for which republican candidate will gain the most from the ISIS attacks in Paris. They're (almost) all wrong, however. The candidate who will gain the most from this is the one who will most blatantly exploit it for personal gain. The candidate who will gain the most from this is the one who will most enthusiastically rally the troops for his personal cause as being connected to what happened. The candidate who will gain the most from this is the one who fi

Comment Just Another Republican (Score 1) 438

While Rand Paul is proud to inherit the cult so lovingly built by his father, he doesn't seem to feel entirely obligated to actually stray far from the party message. Rand Paul is well aware of who butters his bread, and takes actions to make sure they are taken care of. In other words, he is making the choices he needs to make to see that his policies bring more power for the powerful, and facsism for the people.

Journal Journal: More Fuel for the Cult

Likely the most dangerous cult in the US today is the cult of Ron Paul (which of course is much enamored with his dear son Rand). The cult of Ron Paul quotes mostly only two authors; their cult leader himself (often in youtube format) and his idol Ayn Rand. Now their second-favorite messiah has new scripture coming out. Well, actually it is old scripture - written in 1934 to be prec

Submission + - Lost Ayn Rand Novel to by Published (

fascismforthepeople writes: Ayn Rand, the author of "Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged", had written a play in 1934 that received little attention at the time. Now, her archivists have prepared it for publication as both a novel and a play. "Ideal" was rediscovered only in 2012 and will published next July.

Comment Your script is out of whack (Score 1) 619

Let me apply some facts to your bit so what you spewed out reflects reality instead of religious fantasy:

it is the correct variable, what do you think the policies of the church of ron paul lead to? Massive poverty, lack of equality under the law, loss of all opportunities to get out of poverty.


Sure, you can say that the problem is poverty, but poverty in unregulated free market countries came from unregulated free markets - lack of private ownership and operation of property due to hyperconcentration of wealth, lack of individual freedoms.


If the law is applied differently to some people even in such concepts as different tax brackets and different tax breaks you will have less economic freedom, less initiative, fewer opportunities, fewer people trying to get ahead

Amazingly that statement needs no adjustments. You just described the ambitions of your fascist cult for us in great clarity.

Of-course there are very few moral people in an immoral system.

Precisely. I could hardly image a less moral system than the one you have been advocating endlessly here. Being as you are one of the system's top cheerleaders I don't see how you could possibly be able to help bring about the rise of any moral people, though.

Comment Re:Not myths (Score 2) 363

I don't have a problem with people taking matters into their own hands on this and yanking those devices of faces of the wearers and simply stomping on them.

You used to support private property. Now you support the destruction of private property, if its existence offends you. Did your cult leader tell you this somehow is not a contradiction in terms? You keep telling us that your beliefs are absolute yet you keep going back on them.

But of course, this contradiction is just another part of your aspirations. When you give people a false sense of entitlement if makes it that much easier to bring about fascism for the people.

Comment Re:Economically Inefficient (Score 1, Informative) 467

Arresting someone for theft under $10 ("Monster-In-Law" on DVD retails for about $5)

The cost for the store was much higher than that. Rental outlets don't just go to walmart and buy DVDs, they had to get them with rental licenses from the studios (ever notice the FBI warning on the discs you buy, warning you not to rent it out?). We can probably assume it was a reasonably new release when it was rented, so the cost was something closer to $50 per disc.

A more efficient punishment would be to seize wages/tax refunds/etc. in the amount of the theft + some additional punitive amount.

That is reasonable, but do the math in a reasonable manner to reflect the true cost to the merchant.

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