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Comment Re:This isn't news (Score 0) 203

Who the fuck is dubya?

I hate this whole grandfathering thing "Oohh my User ID has fewer digits than yours, therefore I am more correct".

Did it perhaps occur to you that I re-registered under a new account? Or that I've been reading /. for years but wasn't really interested in contributing until recently? And even if it did not, why does my user id have any relevance to what I'm saying?

Why is your anecdotal experience working at a porn shop any more valid than my anecdotal experience of living with and being married to a shift worker?

Comment This isn't news (Score 0) 203

Anyone who has ever lived with a shift worker doesn't need some fucking study tell them this.

I've been married for years to an RN, so I can tell you first hand that almost anyone who works shift, the first thing to go is their energy, and sex is an immediate victim. In fact, all of those issues related to a lack of energy.

Comment Re:DVI-D, HDMI Cables (Score 0) 417

Uuh, at what stage in your sudafed analogy did? At no stage did you mention anything illegal happening.

The restrictions put in place around sudafed is because sudafed contains codine, and it's been proven that drug manufacturers were purchasing over-the-counter codine-based products to produce amphetamines. Not theoretically, they really were doing it.

If you buy two packets of sudafed within 30 days from the same chemist you're not going to get red flagged, and it takes what, 10 seconds?. Sheesh.

Comment Damn forigners (Score 0) 214

When I used to work at a Cisco callcentre in Sydney, Australia I used to deal with 90% Americans, as they would be doing routine maintenance in the middle of the night and it would go wrong.

I had two gentlemen on the phone one day, and one of them goes "Well siree, I must say I'm very pleased that I'm not talking to a foreigner this time!" to which the other guy on the phone says "... you do realise this guy is Australian, right?"

Funniest moment of my day.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 0) 258

Because as far as I can tell, some parents are lazy and want the ability to blame everyone else for their failings, rather than realise that it is their own job to raise and educate their child.

I do not believe that this is the majority of parents. I believe the majority of parents do a good job of this. However it's the minority of parents who, of course, make the most noise.

Where I live, pornographic magazines are right next to the checkout counter at my local petrol station. They're wrapped of course, but the visible part of the covers is still quite provocative. It's MY responsibility and duty to teach my son how and when/if he should consume such material, and until he becomes old enough to make the decision for himself, to make it for him.

Comment Re:Spacecraft (Score 0) 722

Windows Boxes: Soviet spacecraft Linux Boxes: American spacecraft Mobile Devices: Space probes Wonky Mac: Odyssey (Apollo 13 CM) Wonky Print Server: Ariane5 (French rocket which blew up) I used to use the phonetic alphabet, but it was too boring. /And yes, the poll is deeply, fundamentally broken

And using that naming scheme, how on earth is anyone who hasn't memorised the specific function of each server going to know what it does? For example, if an new hire is told they need to restart the Exchange server for New York, who the hell are they going to know which server it resides on without consulting a lookup table? With a naming scheme like ny-exch-01 it's so simple a trained monkey could do it.

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