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Submission + - Slashdot now plays adds with sounds without permission (

farnsaw writes: One of my goto sites for technology news has just become my least favorite. To the point that I will probably not return and certainly not often. What happened? I had slashdot open in one tab and was actively working in another when suddenly advertisements started to play. I could't figure out where it was coming from but after closing tabs one at a time I found it was Slashdot. Their video ads now play without prompting at full volume. Not muted, not at 1% volume, but at full normal volume. Unacceptable to all, not just me. I expect readership to drop drastically as other readers encounter this awful behavior.

Comment MSDOS 3.11 and a Flash drive (Score 1) 402

Just partition the HD, install MSDOS 3.11 and set it as the default boot. Make your 2nd partition nothing but randomized noise. Setup camera and prepare to send to AFV... Then carry an encrypted Flash drive and let it boot your OS of choice. Don't ever let the flash drive out of your sight. Be sure to scrub your laptop prior to reusing it once you are back home, or just throw it out.

Comment Unlimited can be abused, make it large (Score 1) 314

The problem with truly unlimited data is that people will abuse it and cause problems for the cell if not a larger portion of the network. If instead they would do a large quantity of data cheap, larger than almost anyone would use, that would work well and protect the networks. Right now they offer ~1-5 Gb of data and what they need to offer is an order of magnitude above that so you can do things like stream movies, tethering other devices (laptops, tablets, etc) without worrying about hitting your limit. The price range should be $10-20 for 50-100 GB and then a fixed rate per GB above that. Discourage massive abusers.

Comment SPAM WARE alert! (Score 5, Informative) 71

The Windows installer will also try to install the crawler toolbar. Supposedly it lets you uncheck the boxes but they are checked by default. This is BAD behavior in my opinion. If they want to recommend it and leave them unchecked to start with (i.e. you must opt IN not OUT) that is acceptable.

Comment Driving mode (Score 1) 257

They need to incorporate a "Driving Mode" that will auto respond to the person texting / calling / emailing / etc and say the user they are attempting to contact is driving, please leave a message. Then, automatically enter driving mode if detected (via GPS or any other method really) that the person is in a vehicle traveling > 10 mph or so. Make it so you can manually turn off driving mode if you are a passenger. Same tech could be used for flight mode, enter flight mode if detected you are traveling > 100 MPH and / or more than 500 feet above the ground, allow manual override for special circumstances. Note: This is proof of prior art in case anyone tries to patent this.

Comment Re:iCloud Cost / Gb (Score 1) 332

I use my iPad (and iPhone) for content creation and custom content storage. This means that I have more than 50 Gb of content stored on each of them, granted there is quite a bit of overlap, but there is no indication that the iCloud system will recognize this and store only one copy, thus I have to count on storing the complete iPhone and complete iPad and thus over 100Gb of data leading directly to the $300 / year. And of course this is a closed protocol so I cannot just setup my own server and do the same thing with my own much cheaper hardware.

Comment iCloud Cost / Gb (Score 0) 332

Apple needs to change their pricing model for the iCloud to really take off. Why would I sync my 64 Gb iPhone, my 64 Gb iPad, & my Mac and Windows machine to the cloud when this would cost me so much that it is cost prohibitive. Current pricing is $100 / year for 50 Gb so it would take a MINIMUM of $300 / year to backup my iPhone and iPad not to mention my Mac and iTunes Library. Why would I pay that when for $100 (or less) I can get a local hard drive and just backup to my Mac/PC? Yes, there is the convenience factor, but not for that cost. They need to make it an order of magnitude bigger for the same price before I will be interested.

Comment Every support request/answer in writing / email (Score 1) 290

Make sure you answer all support requests via email CCing your new boss (and possibly his) so everyone knows how much time you are spending on the handover. Additionally, it also allows you to track duplicate and repeat questions and to just forward the old email, again including your new boss and possibly his. This is a STRONG encouragement for the new guy to truly take over and your support duties will diminish over time.

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