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Comment Re:MySQL & LDAP? (Score 1) 345

I used to use a similar methodology. Then one day I said "F@&K this, I'm tired of writing stuff down." and I've never looked back. The only effects I notice are that I use less paper and I never have to bother writing stuff down. Has it affected my memory? Can't tell.

Comment Earth life isn't out there (Score 2, Interesting) 774

To my thinking the key is that we have such a narrow definition of life, since we are only aware of one kind - life on Earth. Perhaps there exist intelligent entities out there that are undetectable to us. Perhaps, they are so different that they are also looking for life but with an entirely different definition. So it's like ships passing in the night.

Comment Re:Gnash (Score 1) 129

Since gnash can play youtube video, this isn't a restriction in practice. Much ado about very little.

You may be correct that Gnash can currently play youtube videos. But you're missing the point of this article. FTA:

Citizens should be able to download transition-related content in a way that makes it simple to share, excerpt, remix, or redistribute.

The issue is not only being able to view the content using free/open software but more generally being able to do something useful with the video without having to jump through hoops. Especially hoops that have difficult to decipher legal encumbrance.


Submission + - The Next Microsoft 1

theodp writes: "In this week's missive, Robert X. Cringely argues that Google is starting to look a bit like Microsoft. The search giant is learning too well from the master, says Cringely, noting that Google's launch of Goog-411 after taking a long look at investing in or acquiring under an NDA is straight out of an old Microsoft playbook. Cringely goes on to note that Google has a problem with algorithmic optimization gone mad (seconded by Newsweek), which is wreaking havoc on some AdWords customers who may find themselves out of business before they can get Google to do the right thing. Cringely concedes that Google's inability to follow through because of IT failings may not have been learned from Microsoft — it may just be an inevitable part of having an IT monopoly."

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