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Submission + - Browser-based VR could reintroduce "Skip Intro" syndrome

An anonymous reader writes: Hardware-accelerated 3D running in the web browser isn't massively new, but relatively few websites have been taking advantage of it. Inkflash, which just launched a couple of months ago, is one of the first sites with a mainstream subject (book buying and discovery, in this case) to really take advantage of 3D in the browser. Visitors can explore themed book rooms, wandering from one room to the next; it's like a sprawling virtual library, all running in the browser.

Native browser support for VR headsets is already being baked into experimental builds of Chrome and Firefox. This immediately warrants the question, can traditional websites incorporate 3D/VR without falling into the Flash-era "Skip intro" trap? (i.e. all shininess without adding anything of functional value). Inkflash works well because 3D navigation and content exploration are built into the core concept. But what about more "traditional" websites? Will they suffer when their owners inevitably rush to join the impending VR bandwagon, and websites are retro-fitted for 3D?

Air Canada Ordered To Provide Nut-Free Zone 643

JamJam writes "Air Canada has been told to create a special 'buffer zone' on flights for people who are allergic to nuts. The Canadian Transportation Agency has ruled that passengers who have nut allergies should be considered disabled and accommodated by the airline. Air Canada has a month to come up with an appropriate section of seats where passengers with nut allergies would be seated. The ruling involved a complaint from Sophia Huyer, who has a severe nut allergy and travels frequently. Ms. Huyer once spent 40 minutes in the washroom during a flight while snacks were being served."

Comment Hadoop is awesome (Score 5, Informative) 49

Not only is it used by Yahooo, but also by Facebook, who get 15TB of new data a day to handle. Checkout the very useful free vids from Cloudera. http://www.cloudera.com/hadoop-training-thinking-at-scale You can download a canned VM preloaded with Hadoop/Pig/Hive goodness, even a copy of Eclipse preconfigured. http://www.cloudera.com/hadoop-training-virtual-machine

Yahoo Releases Open Source Hadoop Distribution 49

ruphus13 writes "Yahoo has been a vociferous Apache Hadoop user and supporter for several years now, and uses it extensively within its Search technologies. Hadoop has been gaining popularity in the Cloud Computing space, with companies like the NYTimes converting 4TB and 11 million articles to PDFs in under 24 hours using Hadoop and EC2 in late 2007. Hadoop has been made available in Amazon's cloud and Yahoo has now released its own Hadoop version. From the article: 'At today's Hadoop Summit in Silicon Valley, Yahoo! announced the availability of the Yahoo! Distribution of Hadoop, a source-only version of Apache Hadoop that Yahoo! uses within its own search engine. [Hadoop] is an open source software framework that helps process very large data sets, and is widely used in large-scale data mining applications as well as in search tools at sites like Facebook and many others. For developers and users interested in Hadoop, it's worth noting that the Yahoo! Distribution of Hadoop has been widely tested and developed at Yahoo! for years now.'"

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