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Submission + - Scientists make HIV for monkeys (

faltriwall writes: Scientists have created a strain of the human AIDS virus able to infect and multiply in monkeys in a step toward testing future vaccines in monkeys before trying them in people, according to a new study.

Comment Re:Grey goo and hubris (Score 1) 149

Are any species other than 1 celled organisms becoming more complex/robust?

The more I learn about genetics, the more I see genetic "defects" becoming more rampant. I wonder how robust a human could be if genetically engineered to have all good genes that there are in the whole human population and no bad ones. Did you know humans with downs syndrome rarely die of cancer? one theory is b/c extra cancer fighting gene in extra Chromosome 21.

But I digress. My viewpoint is probably skewed by walking amongst prescription pill poppin' Americans (what word did you expect?) who at age eight are in need of a psychiatrist, remedial schooling are obese and have diabetes and asthma.

Comment Symptom treating or problem solving (Score 1) 902

I agree sex doesn't mean babby [sic] However, procreation is subset of sex. I did a quick search and found this:

Unplanned Pregnancy in the United States Nearly half of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned. More specifically, of the 6.4 million pregnancies in 2001 (the most recent year for which data are available), more than 3 million were unplanned.1 Of these, over 2 million were to women age 29 and younger accounting for nearly three quarters of unplanned pregnancies overall.

And you are correct in saying that is how it is in the world. It is.

Actually death is cheap. Life is expensive. Compare 02 cent .22lr vs $400,000 quad bypass

And you will be benefited by pulling up your friends/associates/neighbors It's also called a pyramid scheme....which actually argues for more population, not less.

But really, the reason I replied was to ask what it means when you say, "I don't believe in free will?" I hear that all the time when I talk to people about religion (all religions have it to some degree) but what do you mean?

Oh, and one more thing. which in a way argues your point, but I found enlightening and saddening at once. Did you know that a 9mo old orphaned chimp that is given loving attention by a human female 4hrs/day will have a higher IQ than an average 9mo old human babby [sic] I learned that today.

Comment Are you speaking of immaculate conception? (Score 1) 902

Who forces pregnancies?

Other than rape or incest, I've always heard the term 'consensual' How is it forced. Do you agree that my wants take a back seat to your needs? I feel that way.

Procreation is a *very* powerful tool easily used and abused. Take rape for instance on one end of the spectrum and take this Parent article as the other end.

If a behavior can be shown to cause harm to others, is said behavior a) wrong b) my choice c)other?

In short, will My *want* of unprotected sex cause harm to others now or in future? If so, Why do it? It's not a *need*

And as for the second point, what is basis for saying life is cheap? b/c abundant? easily reproduced? not unique? easily terminated? or low cost of hitman?

Comment For illustration only (Score 1) 902

AFAIK, Tarp the legislation included one line about anything close to buying bank stock, but now the US owns parts of many banks. I know of no money actually going to buy bad mortgages. As to which course would have been better I cannot say. I mention this b/c what may have been the bonus afterthought could become the central focus. Never underestimate the desire of people to please self before real benefit to others. And don't underestimate the potential damage of such course. What will parents do with such tools? If $$$$ gets you in the door, that still doesn't weed out all psychos. And since what parents do for and to their children usually is best indicator of child's stability etc., I would recommend a psych evaluation of any parent who checks any box other than *no dread diseases*

Comment the forethought solution (Score 1) 902

How about sitting down and thinking about what following "want"s will produce. Then acting accordingly. The main problem is if my wants = sales pitch of slightly drugged pit viper salesman, I will not choose correctly. I'll get bit every time.

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