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Comment Re:A Few Logical Problems (Score 1) 431

That sounds terrible. I want what an AC said, the super-powerful tablet that is easily docked and immediately starts acting like a desktop computer when I want it to.

The appliance model is a waste of money and resources - not just raw materials, but R&D. And the appliance model doesn't even last in the wild. Cell phones took about five years to be "ubiquitous, but just a phone" to "ubiquitous, and I can debug code on them".

Consumers have pretty clearly demonstrated a desire for one object that does everything; yes, my home has a work laptop, a home laptop, and an Android smartphone. Is that contradictory? Nah. I'd argue the marketplace hasn't yet evolved into offering that single omnidevice, so instead we have different products that do 90% of what the other devices do, and 10% is something special.

We'll get there, but I don't think it'll happen in five years, and I think it's going to look a lot more like a laptop with a bunch of modular accessories than a flat sheet that remains as it is.

Comment Re:A Few Logical Problems (Score 4, Insightful) 431

No! This is completely untrue!

Copy a few cells in your favorite spreadsheet program, then paste those cells into your favorite word processor, in a tablet. Format it with headers in a different font and color. Then, do that at a desktop computer with keyboard and mouse. Which was easier?

I know that tablet technology is rapidly changing, but once you have a big enough screen to capably handle windowing, you've basically got a laptop without a keyboard, not a tablet. And who wants that for business use?

Comment Re:A Few Logical Problems (Score 1) 431

That's a good point that I didn't address in my earlier post..the casual user who uses their computer for 30 minutes of e-mail and Facebook a day is also one of the last people to completely scrap existing technology for a entirely new format.

Some of them may buy a tablet in addition to their "real computer", but as for the Fall of Wintel, I'd say not yet.

But I also give it 3-4 years before Google has a desktop/laptop version of Android.

Comment Re:A Few Logical Problems (Score 2) 431

Tablets, in the style of the iPad or the recent Android models, just aren't useful for 8-10 hours of real work. I would say that almost anyone who has to work on a computer for their job needs to have more than one window open, too. It's hard to pull that off and maintain any level of productivity on a 7" or 10" screen.

I'm thinking of getting one to bring to meetings and such as a replacement for my bulky laptop, since I can type notes faster than I can write them (plus being able to record what's going on is great), but that would only be to make my "real work", back in my office, at a desktop computer, easier. I don't see how manufacturers can get around that while still keeping a tablet look and feel.

For home use? Sure, it's a great alternative for many people, mainly the e-mail, Facebook and Skype-only types.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 828

And, of course, there are plenty of anecdotes where the racist joins the military, goes to war with black, white, Latino, Asian, Jewish soldiers, and realizes within a week what an ignorant ass he's been.

I'm not in the military, but I have friends and family who were/are. I can't think of a class of the US population less likely to be racist (well...maybe Islamophobic, which is, of course, bad) than those who have done active duty. I imagine the same thing would happen with gays and lesbians vs. homophobes.

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