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Linux Business

Submission + - Qt Software will add LGPL license to Qt 4.5

eivindthrondsen writes: Nokia announced today that its Qt cross-platform user interface (UI) and application framework for desktop and embedded platforms will be available under the open source LGPL version 2.1 license from the release of Qt 4.5, scheduled for March 2009 (

In addition:

- Qt source code repositories will be made publicly available and will encourage contributions from desktop and embedded developer communities.
- Service offerings for Qt will be expanded to ensure that all Qt development projects can have access to the same levels of support, independent of the selected license.

With this announcement, the oft-repeated complaint that Qt is not free as in beer has been adressed. Interesting times for cross-platform developers ahead.
United States

Submission + - Putin Threatens US Missile Bases in Europe (

Melugo writes: "Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that U.S. plans to build a missile defense system in Eastern Europe would force Moscow to target its weapons against Europe. "If the American nuclear potential grows in European territory, we have to give ourselves new targets in Europe," Putin said, according to Corriere. "It is up to our military to define these targets, in addition to defining the choice between ballistic and cruise missiles." It feels like the Cold War all over again. See the rest of the article at: Forbes or a comment on it at"

Submission + - GPLv2 vs. GPLv3 (

chessweb writes: "Here is a rather enlightening article by Richard Stallman on the GPLv3 that puts the previous Tivo post into the right context and explains the implications and limitations of upgrading from GPLv2 to GPLv3."

Submission + - Holocaust Dropped From UK Schools

dteichman2 writes: "It appears that UK schools are ignoring The Holocaust. A government-backed study, funded by the Department for Education and Skills, found that some teachers are reluctant to teach history lessons on The Holocaust for fear of offending Muslim students whose beliefs include Holocaust denial. As such, many schools are not covering the subject. Additionally, similar problems are being met with lessons on The Crusades because these lessons contradict teachings from local mosques.

Isn't there a law that requires UK schools to cover these topics? Should there be?"

Submission + - Bogus Microsoft study atacks GPL3 draft process

QCMBR writes: A new Microsoft-funded study by a Harvard Business School professor concludes that developers don't want extensive patent licensing requirements in the GPL3. There are some problems with the study, however, especially given the very small sample size. 'Although 332 emails were sent to various developers, only 34 agreed to participate in the survey — an 11 percent response rate. Of the 34 developers who responded, many of them are associated with projects like Apache and PostgreSQL that don't even use the GPL.' Ars points out that the GPL3 draft editing and review process is highly transparent and inclusive 'to an extent that makes MacCormack's claims of under-representation seem difficult to accept given the small sample size of the study and the number of respondents who contribute to non-GPL projects.'

Submission + - New York City mandates 100% hybrid taxis by 2012

The Fun Guy writes: The New York Times is reporting that all of the taxis in New York City City must be gasoline hybrids by 2012:

In addition to making the yellow cab brigade entirely green within five years, the city will require all new vehicles entering the fleet after October 2008 to achieve a minimum of 25 miles per gallon. A year later, all new vehicles must get 30 miles per gallon and be hybrid.
Shifting the taxi fleet to hybrids is part of Bloomberg's wider sustainability plan for the city, which includes a goal of a 30 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

Submission + - Stolen laptop contains NU student / alumni SSNs

omeomi writes: "For the third time since 2005, students and alumni of Northwestern University have been exposed to identity theft. In a letter dated May 11, 2007, the Associate Provost for University Enrollment contacted an undisclosed number of potential victims, informing them of the theft of a laptop computer from the Office of Financial Aid, containing student and alumni records. A petition website has been set up in an attempt to convince the Northwestern University administration to better secure student and alumni information."

Submission + - Florida: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

SuperJew writes: "Well, it looks like Florida has done it again. The state that brought you the hanging chad has gone BACK to paper ballots. In 2002, many FL counties went to the touch screen systems, but now have decided to switch back.

[Governor] Crist, who made the elections overhaul an early priority, basked in bipartisan praise on Monday for ending the paper-trail fight. The federal government will cover the roughly $28 million cost to switch to optical-scan devices. Touch-screen machines will still be used during Florida's new Jan. 29 presidential preference primary, but paper ballots must be in place by the fall 2008 elections, with one exception. Touch screens still can be available for use by disabled voters until 2012. "

Submission + - Munich's KDE Desktops Usability Certified

falonaj writes: Munich's KDE distribution LiMux has been certified to meet the international usability standard ISO 9241. The use of KDE 3 as an 'effective, efficient and satisfactory' working environment is named as a decisive factor for passing the certification. This is the first time that a Free Software desktop has been officially attested for usability by the German certification association TÜV. After an extensive two-year process of iterative testing, TÜV IT confirms that 'Open Source has reached a very high level of professionalism' and concludes that KDE's Open Source nature made it very easy for Munich to ensure that the software is especially efficient and user friendly for their office workers.

Submission + - Mobile phone call made from Everest

Chris Paton writes: "The BBC reports that a British climber has set a world record by making a mobile phone call from the top of Mount Everest. The climber also claimed the record for sending the highest text message. The article goes on to say that the call and SMS were made possible by a base station set up by the Chinese, talking to a regular Motorola handset (albeit with the batteries strapped to the climber to keep them warm). With mobile phone coverage now available on Everest, is there anywhere that we are free from the seemingly unstoppable march of the mobile telephone?"

Submission + - UK Committee Recommends Copyright Extension

Snootch writes: The BBC is reporting that the House of Commons Cultural Committee has recommended an extension of copyright on sound recordings. Until now, the copyright on a sound recording has lasted only fifty years after the initial date of recording. The BPI has been conducting a public-relations offensive, with the usual lines about the "rights of the artists", for a while now — including an infamous newspaper petition "signed" by dead artists.

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