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Comment Re:Subjective (Score 1) 603

Simon was a talentless, business asshole that took an idea that was *already* proven and thought he could make money on it by copying it...

Frankly, I'll agree with you that the 10/gui interface may not pan out. I wouldn't know for sure I haven't had the chance to use it. But the idea that only incremental improvements are worth developing for is ridiculous. Your attitude about new things is pretty much in line with most people, though. Henry Ford said that if he listened to what people wanted he'd have made faster horses. (paraphrasing). Sometimes it takes big changes to move technology along, no one is forcing you to be an early adopter. Further, new interfaces like 10/gui have more value than their possibility as a mouse and keyboard replacement. Multi-touch technology is not going anywhere, maybe some of the ideas they have are good enough to be used in part, if not in whole... Google wave for instance was a 'failed' platform but many pieces of that tech made it into other google products and really improved them, like multi-user editing in docs. Finally, you should consider the possibility that people other than you might have different opinions about what interface works best for them. There doesn't have to be one universal interface for each person, let alone for each type of hardware platform.

Comment Re:Subjective (Score 1) 603

Haha that site is awesome, super funny. I'm not sure why you think I'm like simon but you must be right since you know me so well. I'm into art and programming and stuff like that not business and I'm never rude to people that aren't rude to me, I'm also not demanding or irrational. So how am I like simon?

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 169

Ok now if that's the case this doesn't seem as neat... I guess if you happen to have an empty dimm slot but that seems like a small niche. Why not just sell a tiny ssd drive that you could hook up to the molex power sockets and the sata cable? I'm not a server admin or anything though so maybe I'm missing something.

Comment Re:open vs closed (Score 1) 416

i said userspace, not user interface.

That's true but I feel like we're arguing over semantics here. I picked one part of the userspace as an example.

Android is not binary compatable with desktop linux (even desktop linux that has been ported to whatever hardware you happen to be running android on).

What does binary compatibility have to do with it? I don't mean that in a confrontational way and it's not a rhetorical question. Wouldn't Android, Jolicloud, Chrome OS and Meego all be distributions of linux just the same as Debian, Ubuntu or Suse?

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