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NASA Tests All-Composite Prototype Crew Module 67

coondoggie writes "With an eye toward building safer, lighter and tougher spacecraft, NASA said today its prototype space crew module made up of composite materials handled tests simulating structural stresses of launch and atmospheric reentry. The idea behind NASA's Composite Crew Module project is to test new structural materials for possible future NASA spacecraft. According to NASA, composite materials are being looked at because they are stiff and lightweight and can be formed into complex shapes that may be more structurally efficient. In space travel, where every additional pound of weight drives costs higher, any weight savings provides increased payload capacity and potentially reduces mission expense."
The Almighty Buck

Virtual Currency Becomes Real In South Korea 203

garylian writes "Massively is reporting that the South Korean Supreme Court has stated that virtual currency is the equivalent of real-world money. For those of you who might not be drawing the link, the core there is that selling in-game currency for real money is essentially just an exchange of currency and perfectly legal in South Korea. This could have sweeping implications for RMT operations the world over, not to mention free-to-play games and... well, online games in general. The official story is available online from JoongAng Daily."

Comment Re:Gun? (Score 1) 460

Thanks for reminding me that my wife bought that piece of crap movie.

I've also joked along the same lines (My daughter is 3 next month), however I want the first punk kid who comes calling on my daughter to crawl away from the ordeal. The week my daughter was born, I bought a Louisville Slugger just for that purpose. Word of mouth advertising.

Comment Re:How many soldiers die if 187 F-22s aren't enoug (Score 1) 829

Hypothetically how many people would die if we didn't have a strong standing military? I am all for Government funded research into combating disease. I am all for Government funded research into anything that makes life better. I am against completely the idea that the Government should be in control of who, how, and when I receive healthcare.

Comment Re:How many soldiers die if 187 F-22s aren't enoug (Score 1) 829

I am within a couple miles of a hospital, and a plethora of excellent doctors. An hour or two from major research hospitals. There is no lack of healthcare in the US. There is a lack of funds to pay for healthcare. When my daughter is sick, I take her to the doctor, I pay the doctor to give his diagnoses and get a prescription for medication. Why should the government pay for healthcare? Where in the US Constitution were we garunteed government sponsored healthcare?

Comment Re:How many soldiers die if 187 F-22s aren't enoug (Score 1) 829

You pose the question, how can we hope to survive without Pax Terra? We disagree on the use of the military, and more than likely neither of us will change our stance. I ask, how do we achieve long term peace if all of the others in this equation are just as equally ready for war as the next guy? How do we get North Korea to lay down its guns? How do we approach Iran to leave Israel alone? On the other side how do we get Israel to drop their ambitions? Or the Palestinians to stop lobbing rockets into Israel? These things stop true peace, it is not just us.

Comment Re:How many soldiers die if 187 F-22s aren't enoug (Score 1) 829

You are correct, the world is a huge mess. It was a huge mess well before The USA was created, and it will be a mess for my grandchildren. If my grandchildren are able to live in relative peace in their homes because we spent a ton of dosh on maintaining air superiority, then so be it. Just because war itself is not necessary, a well trained, well prepared military is necessary for us to be even be able to dream of any future.

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