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Tool To Allow ISPs To Scan Every File You Transmit 370

timdogg writes "Brilliant Digital Entertainment, an Australian software company, has grabbed the attention of the NY attorney general's office with a tool they have designed that can scan every file that passes between an ISP and its customers. The tool can 'check every file passing through an Internet provider's network — every image, every movie, every document attached to an e-mail or found in a Web search — to see if it matches a list of illegal images.' As with the removal of the alt.binary newgroups, this is being promoted under the guise of preventing child porn. The privacy implications of this tool are staggering."

E17, Slimmed Down For Cell Phones 166

twitter writes "Want to run Enlightenment on your cell phone? The Rasterman's recent efforts bring E17 to Open Moko FreeRunner and Treo 650: 'According to the Rasterman, when used with his updated illume stack and new Elementary widget set, E17 can now run in just 32MB of RAM, on an ARM9 processor clocked at 317MHz. To prove it, he is distributing a Linux kernel and E17/Illume/Elementary stack for Palm's Treo650. The stack can be launched from PalmOS without touching the device's flash storage, he says.' While Microsoft fumbles with limited 'instant on,' GNU/Linux rules the embedded world and that's the only thing going in the IT market right now."

Comment Re:Dependencies are annoying. (Score 3, Informative) 216

No, they are not annoying. This is a very useful new concept in Debian, I believe that once you understand it, you can see how nice it is.

Explaining better:

All those packages are installed as dependencies of the metapackage 'kde'.

You are trying to remove one of it's dependencies (kdegames) and that's why apt-get want to uninstall all other dependencies and the 'kde' itself.

If you want those packages, but not the kdegames, you should install those packages by hand (or at least those starting with kde, that I think most of them are metapackages also).

It can be new in Debian, but only relatively new in Ubuntu (I believe is in some new version of the apt system), but quite old in Gentoo. And it was one of the things that I missed most in Debian.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Nokia buys Trolltech 1

egil writes: Trolltech announced this morning (CET) that they have accepted a bid from Nokia to buy the entire company. The bid was for 16 NOK per share, which values the company at an equivalent of approximately 150 million USD. The stock currently trades at 15.70 on the Oslo stack exchange, up from around 10 on Friday. The offer has already been accepted by the Trolltech BOD, and shareholders representing 66,43 % of the stock.

Comment Re:I hated dell... (Score 1) 277

Interesting, a very well-known Brazilian news site about Linux has published just yesterday an article about Windows refunds for Dell computers.

I'll put the relevant parts here, for those whose language is an issue. The original article can be found here.

But it wasn't easy to go through the three operators. To shorten the story I'll tell you only how it ended. The operator told me that, as my Windows was an OEM, it was attached to the machine and there was no way to cancel the license and if I wanted to return Windows I'd have to return the computer too. For an instant I agreed, but soon it came back to me the idea of the "married sale" (NT: A practice that is considered unlawful here in Brazil and consists of selling a product together with another without leaving an option to acquire either one alone). I already had a look at the bill and Windows and the computer are listed individually there. I told him politely: "I see here that the Windows and the computer are listed individually on the bill. I'll contact the PROCOM (Consumer's Protection and Defense Foundation) and check the possibility of refunding of just one item, after all, it is illegal the practice of "married sale". Answer: "Please stand by for a minute. I'll check the possibility of canceling your license. After about 3 minutes the operator asks me "What is your license key?" ...

The total refund was of R$ 167,89. (U$ 80,91).

It is interesting to see how two identical stories, concerning the same company can develop somehow different in different countries.

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