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Comment Re:Agile Scrum (Score 1) 220

The reason scrum works is that your planning is for 1 or 2 weeks sprint so errors in planning get fixed right away. Waterfall planning on the other hand is for big projects and once a mistake is made its a huge problem to fix, even if you are working using iterations. Another thing its almost imposible to sell scrum to clients because they do not have a total o range of total cost before hand.

Comment Estimating (Score 1) 220

You should never give an estimate with a closed answer, makes people fixate in that it will be done on date X. What you need to use is a range and depending on what information you have on the project use Rough Order of Magnitude Estimate (Variance of -50% to +50%, or -25% to +75% depending on preference), Budget Estimate (Variance of -10% to +25%) or Definitive Estimate (Variance of -5% to +10%). The only time you will know when a project will be done is the date your client signs off for it.

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